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Farm Gates

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We offer an array of gates for different applications. Click images below for more information.

6-Bar Economy Tube Gates - Part # 6ER12

6-Bar Economy Tube Gates

Gates perfect for securing pastures and entryways and any other containment needs. Built of 1-3/4" 19ga. tubing.

7-Bar Heavy-Duty Tube Gates - Part # RBB12

7-Bar Heavy-Duty Bull Gates

Gates perfect for light to medium containment, as well as pature and field entrances. Built from 1-3/4" 17ga. and 19ga. tubing.

6-Bar Extra Heavy Duty Bull Gate - Part # 2GG12

6-Bar Extra Heavy-Duty Bull Gates

Gates for the heaviest containment applications. Perfect for fencing large heards or feedlots. Built from 2" 16ga. tubing.

Personalized Tube Gates

Personalized Tube Gates

Perfect gate to dress up your property. Available with any custom lettering.

Galvanized Wire-Filled Tube Gates - Part # WG12

Galvanized Wire-Filled Tube Gates

Gates for containing sheep, hogs, and other small animals.

2x4 Wire-Filled Gates - Part # WFGB12

2x4 Wire-Filled Gates

These gates are perfect for containing horses and small animals alike! No sharp edges to catch.

7-Bar Hog/Sheep Gates - Part # RRP12

7-Bar Hog / Sheep Gates

These gates are designed to contain hogs, sheep, and other small animals.