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High Tensile Index

High Tensile Index

Centaur HTP®  5" Rail
Hot-Rail® HTP®  5" Rail
PolyPlus® HTP®  5/16" Wire
White Lightning®  5/16" Wire

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Centaur and Hot-Rail
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Centaur HTP® Horse Fence System

Centaur HTP Fence System - Click to enlarge!Designed for Animal Safety & Security...
Centaur HTP® is a forerunner in the high tensile fencing industry. Its five-inch polymer "rail" with three 12-1/2 ga. imbedded high tensile wires is designed with an impressive minimum break strength of 4,050 lbs. per fence rail and features the ability to flex back into place after impact reducing the chances of injury to animals and damage to fence. Centaur HTP® is unique since it is installed in a continuous loop and attached to posts with a patented "Belt Loop" Bracketing System. This attachment method has two strong advantages over alternative methods: the continuous loop system is more flexible than rigid individual rails of 8, 10, or 12 feet; the Belt Loop Brackets also allow the rail(s) to slip freely, absorbing and dissipating any impact down the entire length of fence.

Centaur Rail uses a system that gives under pressure a snaps back when pressure is released for the ultimate in safety for agricultural applications.Designed for Low Maintenance and Longevity...
Centaur HTP® is virtually maintenance-free. Centaur HTP® will retain its beautiful appearance for many years and will not rust, warp, rot, peel, chip, stretch, fade, shatter, or splinter, a fact confirmed by both a QUV tester (an accelerated weatherometer that mimics a lifetime of wear in a short time) and by thousands of installations. These features make Centaur HTP® an economical alternative to vinyl post and rail fence which boasts the same benefits at a higher cost. Centaur HTP® is also an obvious choice for fence when compared with wood board, split rail, and other farm and field type fences. Centaur HTP® carries a 30 year limited warranty, but test results near this age show the rails in near-perfect condition. As with most of the products we carry, the life of the product will outlive the warranty.

Designed with Options and for Easy Installation... 
Centaur HTP® is available in white, black, and brown with matching brackets. Rolls are available in 330' and 660' measurements. You may mix and match rails, i.e. Centaur HTP® 5" rails for top rail with PolyPlus® HTP® as bottom rails. Installation is easy enough, most customers choose to install it themselves. Rails are installed continuously around fence area and tighten using tensioners. Rails are connected to posts with a bracket allowing rails to slide and 'give' for the entire fence length. Components and optional accessories available below, please read installation manual to see which items will be needed for your particular installation.

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Centaur Bracket - Rail slips through to make a continuous belt dispersing impacts. Bracket Tensioner - Available as a one or two way system to adjust the tension on the rails. Inside Rail Roller - New system to allow even tensioning for greater safety.
Centaur® Bracket - The "belt-loop" bracketing system allows the rail to slip through, dispersing impact. Special brackets have a steel core for added strength and durability. Available in white, black or brown. Barrel Tensioners - Centaur’s barrel tensioners constructed of heavy-duty steel make installation faster and easier. Available in one-way for short runs and two-way for long runs. Available in white, black or brown. Inside Corner Roller - Allows rail to run inside most corners smoothly and securely for easy, even tensioning. Minimizes horses’ access to corner bracing - less chance for cribbing.
Splice Cover - Conceals rail splices and protects from elements. Termination Bracket - Simple way to terminate rail fencing. T-Bracket - Use for crossfencing 5" rail fencing.
Splice Cover - Attractively conceals rail splices for a clean, professional appearance. Used to cover splices made with wire links and crimp sleeves. Available in white, black or brown. Termination Bracket - Simple, cost effective way to terminate 5" rail fencing with a single bolt.  Available in white, black or brown. T-Bracket - Ideal for use when crossfencing. Recommended for use with 5" rail fencing. Available in white, black or brown.
Slice Terminator Bracket - Secures two rails together without use of wire links or crimp sleeves. Diagonal Brace Plate - Economical way to make a secure connection with post and brace post. Terminator Loop - Made for fast and easy termination of Centaur HTP rails.
Splice Terminator Bracket - Secures two rails without the use of wire links or crimp sleeves. Easy installation. Available in white, black or brown. Diagonal Brace Plate - Makes a secure connection between brace and post without notching. Allows for solid, long-lasting braces. Terminator Loop - Made for fast and easy termination of Centaur HTP that requires no drilling and reduces twisting of brace post. Stainless steel.

See installation manual for more information on components and accessories