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Centaur® HTP® Horse Fence Components & Accessories

Our Sure-Fit® accessories are designed to give you the maximum range of options when it comes to designing and installing your Centaur® HTP® fencing system. All components are produced to the highest quality standards, assuring you the fence installation that will stand the test of time.

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Inside Corner Roller

Termination Bracket

Hot Rail Termination Bracket Termination Loop - Stainless Steel

Inside Corner Roller

Allows rail fencing to run inside most corners smoothly and securely for easy, even tensioning. Minimizes horses’ access to corner bracing—less chance for cribbing.

Termination Bracket

Simple, cost effective way to terminate rail fencing. One bolt installation. Available in white, black or brown.

Hot Rail Termination Bracket

Terminates Hot Rail® fencing the quick and easy way. For Hot Rail® only.

Termination Loop

Made for fast and easy termination of Centaur HTP®. Requires no drilling and reduces twisting of brace post.

Splice Bracket

Sure-Hook T-Bracket

Barrel Tensioners Hot Rail One-Way Barrel Tensioner

Splice Terminator Bracket

Connects two rails together without use of wire links or crimp fittings. Not for electric rail applications. Available in white, black or brown.

Sure-Hook® T-Bracket

Ideal for use when crossfencing. Recommended for use with 5" Rail. Available in white, black or brown.

Barrel Tensioners

Centaur’s barrel tensioners constructed of heavy-duty steel make installation faster and easier. Available in one-way for short runs and two-way for long runs. Available in white, black or brown.

Hot Rail 1-Way
Barrel Tensioner

Constructed of heavy-duty steel make installation faster and easier for short runs of Hot Rail® fencing. Hot Rail® only.

Centaur/Hot Rail Bracket

Slice Cover

Diagonal Brace Plate Insulator Pad

Centaur®/Hot Rail® Bracket

The "belt-loop" bracketing system allows the rail to slip through, dispersing impact. Special brackets have a steel core for added strength and durability. The polymer coating acts as an insulator for Hot Rail®. Available in white, black or brown.

Slice Cover

Attractively conceals rail splices for a clean, professional appearance. These easy-to-install covers protect rail splices from the elements and curious horses. Available in white, black or brown.

Diagonal Brace Plate

Makes a secure connection between brace and post without notching. Allows for solid, long-lasting braces.

Insulator Pad

Used to insulate the barrel tensioners when used with Hot-Rail®. Each 6" x 4" pad can be cut to size during installation. Available in black.

Lag Corner Insulator

Insulated Fencer's Lasso Insultube

T-Post Insulator

Lag Corner Insulator

The Lag Corner Insulator screws directly into wooden corner posts while holding the high-tension wire away from the post to prevent grounding of the electric current.

Insulated Fencer's Lasso®

Centaur's Insulated Fencer’s Lasso® allows for simple installation of high-tensile electrical wire at termination posts. The lasso simply loops the posts, providing an insulated end point for electric wires. Available in white only.


Use for the alternative types of insulation on White Lightning® and wire. Available in white and black 100' rolls.

T-Post Insulator

Sure-Fit® T-Post insulators fasten securely to T-Posts with a wrap-around application. The insulator can be removed and re-attached and is designed with a large opening to work with any polymer coated wire. Available in white or black.

Wood Post Insulator

End Strain Insulator Endsulator Hook

Line-Tap Connector

Wood Post Insulator

Sure-Fit® wood post insulators are specially designed with a large opening to work with any polymer coated wire. Available in white or black.

End-Strain Insulator

Centaur's Bullnose end-strain insulator is specially designed to deliver maximum insulation under extreme pressure from high-tensile wire and end terminations. Available in white only.

End-sulator Hook

Used to attach an in-line tensioner to any bullnose insulator. No tools needed.

Line-Tap Connector

Slotted bolt type connector used to make electrical connections. Eliminates power losses from poor connections. One tap can be used to make multiple wire connections.

In-Line Tensioner

Tensioner Handle Centaur Spinning Jenny

Barbed Staples

In-Line Tensioner

Ratchet type strainers designed to take high tension of Centaur products. Used to tighten PolyPlus and White Lightning®. Tightening handle sold separately.

Tensioner Handle

Use in conjunction with In-Line Tensioners for easy tightening and tensioning in Centaur® products.

Centaur Spinning Jenny

Spins to allow steady distribution of fence rolls. Maintains control of installation by eliminating disarray when unrolling. Heavy duty construction fits all Centaur fence products or high tensile wire.

Barbed Staples

Galvanized barbed staples eliminates rust staining. Available in 1-3/4" to be used with PolyPlus.

Nails or Screws

Wire Links Crimper Tool

Crimp Fitting

Nails or Screws

Galvanized barbed nails eliminate rust staining. Available in 3.5" to be used to install brackets and 5" to be used with in-line tensioners. Also available 2.5" screws for use with brackets.

Wire Links

Securely splices wire together with a smooth safe splice. No special tools needed. Strip approximately 1" of polymer coating and insert bare wire into wire link. Use 12.5 gauge link for White Lightning® and PolyPlus®

Crimper Tool

Heavy duty crimping tool. Can be used for crimping both 12.5 gauge and 15 gauge wires.

Crimp Fitting

For fast and easy splicing of both 12.5 and 15 gauge wires.

Undergate Cable Sure-Fit Safety Sleeve Sure-Fit Coated Clips Energizers

Undergate Cable

Use to carry power from the energizer to fence or bury under gates. Specially designed polymer coating protects against voltage leakage in extreme conditions. Available in black only.

T-Sleeve Cover

Sure-Fit® Safety Sleeve converts a metal T-post into a post that is much safer and more attractive. Sure-Fit® Safety Sleeves eliminate the need for insulators by completely covering the post with pre-cut notches for wire. Available in white and black. Click here for more information.

Sure-Fit® Coated Clips

Safety-Sleeve Clips are used to attach fencing wires to the Sure-Fit® Safety Sleeves. They feature an insulated coating to prevent shorting of electrical wires. Available in white or black.


Multi-powered energizers operate on a standard 110 volt plug, 12 volt battery, or as part of a solar powered system. Weather-proof case. Easily mounts on wall, fence post, or fence wire. Click here for more information.

Fence Alert

Fence Compass Cut-Off Switch


Fence Alert

Can be seen up to a mile away. Flashes if low voltage power loss. Robust, impact and water resistant case works on any type of electric fence. Replaceable battery lasts up to 5 years. Click here for more information.

Fence Compass

Combined voltmeter and current meter for rapidly locating electric fence faults. Cordless design with integrated belt clip. Water resistant case. Replaceable battery. Click here for more information.

Cut-Off Switch

Cut off switches help manage areas not in use by simply opening the connection. Corrosion resistant terminals with insulated throw switch. (actual product may differ)


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