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High Tensile Index

High Tensile Index

Centaur HTP®  5" Rail
Hot-Rail® HTP®  5" Rail
PolyPlus® HTP®  5/16" Wire
White Lightning®  5/16" Wire

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Centaur and Hot-Rail
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Single Strand Wire
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PolyPlus HTP® Single Strand Horse Fence System

Poly Plus HTP Fence System - Click to enlarge!Designed for Animal Safety & Security...
PolyPlus® HTP® is an attractive and inexpensive choice for agricultural and perimeter fencing. PolyPlus® HTP® features a high tensile 12.5 gauge galvanized wire embedded in a tough, flexible HTP® Polymer coating. The smooth safety-finished outside diameter is 5/16". PolyPlus® HTP® fence wire is designed with an impressive minimum break strength of 1,350 lbs. per wire and features the ability to flex back into place after impact reducing the chances of injury to animals and damage to fence.

PolyPlus Single Strand Horse Fence SystemDesigned for Low Maintenance and Longevity...
PolyPlus® HTP® is strung in high-tensile fashion on your own fence posts, but offers huge advantages over traditional high tensile. Beyond the significant increase in your horses’ safety, the HTP® covering means it won’t rust, stretch or fade. PolyPlus® HTP® carries a 20 year limited warranty.

Designed with Options and for Easy Installation... 
PolyPlus® HTP® is available in white, black, and brown. PolyPlus® HTP® is sold in 1,320' rolls only. You may mix and match rails, i.e. PolyPlus® HTP® wire for top only or for all wires. Installation is easy enough, most customers choose to install it themselves. Rails are installed continuously around fence area with barbed staples and tightened using tensioners. Simple installation makes this one of the easiest fence system to install. All components are sold separately. Not all components and optional accessories are shown below, please read installation manual to see which items will be needed for your particular installation.

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Barbed Staple - Used to mount PolyPlus to wood posts. Wire Links - Used to splice wire together with a smooth safe splice. No special tools needed. In-Line Tensioner - Ratchet type tensioner used to take high tension of PolyPlus. T-Sleeve Cover - Converts a metal T-post into a safe and attractive post for mounting PolyPlus strand.
Barbed Staples - Galvanized barbed staples eliminates rust staining. Available in 1-3/4" to be used to install PolyPlus strands to a wood post. Lets the PolyPlus strand slide through provided flexibility for safety. Wire Links - Securely splices wire together with a smooth safe splice. No special tools needed. Strip approximately 1" of polymer coating and insert bare wire into wire link. Use 12.5 gauge link for PolyPlus. In-Line Tensioner - Ratchet type strainers designed to take high tension of Centaur products. Used to tighten PolyPlus. Tightening handle sold separately. T-Sleeve Cover - Converts a metal T-post into a post that is much safer and more attractive. Completely covers the post with pre-cut notches for wire or slots for tape. Available in white and black. Click here for more information.

See installation manual for more information on components and accessories