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Kidder Panels

Page Description

Kidder panels are used for containing kids, calves, and other small animals. See further information and pricing below.

Product Images
Kidder Panel - Part # KP10

Product Details

Kidder Panel Wal-Thru - Part # KPW5

Kidding Panels Features:

  • Used for containment for kids, calves and small animals
  • Create any size dimension by attaching multiple units
  • Fully interchangeable 5' and 10' panels
  • Built from high quality galvanized steel
  • 5' Kidding Pen Walk-thru gate also available
  • Multi-level corral hookups allow for easy 2-way, 3-way or 4-way connections
  • Panels stand 52" Tall and Walk-Thru is 7' Tall


Product Pricing
Product SKU Description Weight Price View Cart
KP5 5' Wide Kidding Panel - Galvanized 27 lbs. $ Add to Cart
KP10 10' Wide Kidding Panel - Galvanized 50 lbs. $ Add to Cart
KPW5 5' Wide Kidding Panel Walk-Thru Gate - Galvanized 60 lbs. $ Add to Cart