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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are the Arabian railing systems suitable for above ground applications such as second story decks? memo1.htm
  2. Who is Key-Link (manufacturer of Arabian Railing) and are they a reputable business? memo2.htm
  3. What kind of warranty does the Arabian railing have? memo3.htm
  4. What are the benefits of aluminum railing over other materials, such as wood or iron? memo4.htm
  5. What kind of aluminum are the railing and connectors made of? memo5.htm
  6. What kind of finish do the railing products have? memo6.htm
  7. What maintenance is required for aluminum railing? memo7.htm
  8. How many styles are available for Arabian railing? memo8.htm
  9. How wide is a section of railing? memo9.htm
  10. Are the sections shipped assembled? memo10.htm
  11. What colors are available for railing? memo11.htm
  12. What heights are available for railing? memo12.htm
  13. How difficult is it to install the railing? memo13.htm
  14. Is there a difference between flat sections and stair sections? memo14.htm
  15. Can the sections be cut to fit my application? memo15.htm
  16. Can the posts be used on floors that are not perfectly level? memo16.htm
  17. Are post caps included with the purchase of a railing post? memo17.htm
  18. Are posts pre-drilled to accept the connectors? memo18.htm
  19. How high should I install the railing from the floor? memo19.htm
  20. Are gates available, if so, what widths? memo20.htm
  21. How do I install a railing section to a wall or column? memo21.htm
  22. Can the railing be used on a sloping entrance? memo22.htm
  23. What do I do about corners that are not 90 degrees or odd angles? memo23.htm
  24. Are posts with plates welded at bottom available? memo24.htm
  25. How do the posts mount to the floor? memo25.htm