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Column Assembly

Age Craft Aluminum Columns are ideal for E-Z wrap-around installation with your existing columns or as a primary support in new construction or remodeling. The snap-lock feature fastens the sections securely in place. Columns are packed one per carton with square caps and bases in separate master cartons. Recommended installation instructions for both primary new construction and wrap-around construction remodeling are shown below and should be carefully followed for proper application. Figures 1, 2, and 3 apply to both primary support and wrap-around while Figures 4a and 4b apply to wrap-around usage. Figures 5a and 5b apply to primary support applications.

1. Measure required height (NOTE: For new construction, add 1/4" to measured height. For wrap-around installation, subtract 1/4" from measured height) and cut column staves with a hacksaw prior to assembly.
2. Assemble staves by rotating together.
3. Assemble final interlock by rapping with the heels of the hands, starting at one end of  the column.


Wrap-Around Assembly

4a. Cut base with hacksaw along diagonal, splitting lugs on underside of base. Place 1/2 of split base around column, so that edge is parrallel to edge of structure. Plumb column along a single column flute at corners of the split base. Fasten column top and bottom with two angle brackets.
4b. Place second 1/2 of split base and cap around column and drill three 1/8" holes through base and cap and into column, in line with ribs. Fasten with screws as in figure 5b supplied in base of master carton.


Primary Support

5a. Slide cap and base on column ends. To avoid scratching of column, slide base on until bottom is flush with end of column. Raise structure 1/2" to permit plumb installation of assembled column. Lower structure to secure column.
5b. Drill three 1/8" holes equally spaced, through base and into column, in line with ribs. Fasten with screws supplied in base of master carton.

Note: Normally, the weight of the porch roof is enough to hold the columns in place when used as a primary support. If you are located in a high wind area, such as a coastal town that often has strong winds from tropical storms where uplift could be a problem, you may want to anchor the top and bottom of the columns to the floor and ceiling using the hardware mentioned below.

Square Columns - The square columns attach to the floor and ceiling using "L" brackets supplied with the columns.
Round Columns - The base fastens to the column with supplied screws. The base is then fastened to the floor and ceiling using stainless steel lag bolts with or without anchors, depending on the application. Lag bolts and anchors are purchased separately, can be found on any of our aluminum railing price pages.