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Chain Link Barbwire
and Aluminized

All aluminum barbed wire is .110" dia. wire with four point barbs of .080" dia. wire, 5052 H-38 main, 6061 T94 barb, sold in 1,000' rolls. All aluminized steel core barbwire is four-point, 12.5 gauge wire sold in 1320' rolls. For a longer lasting barbed wire we recommend all aluminum, especially when using on a aluminum fence. Our barbwire rolls are spun onto an empty cage made of wire. You can slide a piece of round tubing through the center of the roll to carry it and lift it. You can even use this piece of pipe to slide through the roll of barbwire and into a diamond of chain link. One person can then pull or 'pay' out the loose end of barbwire to the other end for hooking up to the top of the terminal post. Once connection is secured, barbwire roll can be laid down and stretched using a come-a-long and wire grip.


All Aluminum and Aluminized Barbed Wire

Code Type Length
(Per Roll)
(Per Roll)
(Per Roll)
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CL-BW-AL All Aluminum 1,000' 31 lbs $ Add to Cart
CL-BW-AZ Aluminized 1,320' 80 lbs $ Add to Cart
CL-BW-AZA Aluminized
w/ Alum. Barbs
1,320' 80 lbs $ Add to Cart

Note: Items are custom fabricated and for that reason, once an order is placed, orders cannot be altered or cancelled. Items are not non-returnable.

Note: These photos are for demonstration purposes only, actual size and design may vary slightly.

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