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Chain Link Truss Rod and Tightener

Chain link truss rods and truss rod tighteners are used when braces and trusses are installed on chain link fences and gates. Bracing and trussing a chain link fence serves the purpose of keeping posts plumb , i.e. end, corner, and gate posts under the duress of tightly stretched chain link. Typically braces and trusses are installed just after posts have set up in concrete and before the chain link is stretched taut. Truss Rods are threaded on one end to attach to the tightener, the other end can be welded or bent to form a hook to fit in a rail end combo fitting. Tightener attaches to a post with a brace band. Truss Rod is made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The 12' long truss rod requires shipping by truck. You can order a 12' long rod cut in 2-pieces and threaded at the cut ends to accept a stainless steel coupler nut to join the pieces together in the field. The shorter rods ship by UPS and a fraction of the cost of the 12' rods.


Truss Rods

Truss Rods
(1 or 2-piece)


Size Price View Cart
CLA-TR-38 12' Long
Truss Rod
$ Add To Cart
CLA-TR-38-C 12' Long
Truss Rod
2-Piece w/Coupler
$ Add To Cart

Truss Rod Tightener

Truss Rod

Code Size Price View Cart
CLA-TRT-38 Fits 3/8"
Truss Rod
$ Add To Cart


Note: Items are custom fabricated and for that reason, once an order is placed, orders cannot be altered or cancelled. Items are not non-returnable.

Note: These photos are for demonstration purposes only, actual size and design may vary slightly.

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