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BS-C30 Baseball Backstop Kit
  • Size: A towering 20' vertical height. The width is 20' in the center with 20' wide wings on the sides. 
  • Installation: Besides the concrete, this kit includes all the necessary material to install the backstop. We do not recommend this kit for the do-it-yourselfer who is unfamiliar with larger projects. The BS-C30 backstop requires large concrete footers. Also, scaffolding and trade-related specialty tools are highly recommended if not necessary. Feel free to check out our BS-F37 backstop kit which is smaller and more suitable for the do-it-yourselfer or hire a contractor to erect this one. The average time to install this kit is 3-4 days. Installation manual is currently unavailable for this model.

Designed for more protection then the BS-F37, the C-30 baseball backstop features a full 20' of vertical height and 60' of width. Like our other backstops, the C-30 is now available in kit form and may be shipped to the lower 48 states. The C-30 is constructed using a strong and durable 6 gauge galvanized 10' high chain link stretched on the bottom and 9 gauge galvanized 10' high chain link layered across the top. Galvanized posts are all 4" O.D.. Sideline fences may be attached to these backstop posts, but are not included. Five heavy industrial 1-5/8" horizontal rails are also supplied for structural support.

We can build other styles to your specifications and size, but you must provide drawings or material lists for bid purposes.

Not for the amateur!  See notes below.

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C30 Backstop Kit

Additional Note(s):  The BS-F37 kit is suitable for the do-it-yourselfer and much easier than the C30 to install.  Although the same techniques are used to install the C30, the size of the backstop necessitates larger, heavier, and longer posts.  Footer dimensions must be wider and deeper also.   Setting the posts can be quite a chore and if you have never handled a project similar to this one, we recommend consulting one of our representatives first and/or hiring a contractor.  One of our representatives can fill you in more on the amount of work to expect from this and other projects.  Framing and stretching taller backstops can be tedious and require scaffolding.

Delivery:  The C30 baseball backstop kit will be delivered by large truck.  Because of the weight and size of certain items, 2-3 people are recommended for unloading.  Customers are responsible for unloading; additional options may be available, call for details or see our shipping policy for more information.