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Top Rail covers

Type PC

  • 4-1/2" Diameter x 100' or 250' coil
  • Most economical
  • Most practical for large jobs
  • For use for top rails only, not for posts
  • Most popular
  • Covers completely
  • Installs easily and quickly with installation
    tool sold separately
  • Available in yellow and dark green

Type SFP

  • 3/4" thich x 8' lengths, 2" inside diameter
  • Foam with "Tough-Skin" coating
  • Sold in 4 packs and 10 packs
  • Available in yellow, green, blue, and red
  • Pre-slit for easy installation
  • 19" ties in matching colors
  • Use on top rail or any other situation
    where protection is needed

Type FG

  • Unique wrap-around shape in 8' lengths
  • Available in six attractive colors: yellow,
    dark green, orange, red, blue and white.
  • Sold in cartons of 80' (10 - 8' sections)
  • For use on top rail only

Type STC

  • Unique  D-shape in 8' lengths
  • Available in yellow only
  • Sold in cartons of 40' (5 - 8' sections)
  • For use on top rail only

Chain Link Top Rail Fence Covers - Fence Guards

Hoover Fence Co. has searched high and low for the best top rail covers and post pads on the market. We've found four different types to suit your different needs and budgets. 
Type PC is the most popular and economical top rail cover. It's sold in 100' and 250' coils at very modest prices. Due to the sizes, these coils must ship motor freight to their destination. Top rail covers and pipe pads have endless uses. It's used often for outfield homerun fences on baseball and softball fields. We've also seen it used on sideline fences, recreational city parks, daycare facilities, playgrounds, and jungle gyms.
Type SFP has a tough-skin coating designed for durability. May be used as top rail cover fence guards, or as post padding.
Types STC and FG are made of UV stabilized plastic. Both are sold in 8' sections. The STC type is sold in sets of 5, FG type is sold in sets of 10.
All styles cut easily and secure easily. Have parents come out during practice to install and show support, or put your players to work "conditioning".

Fence caps are popular in yellow but is also available in other colors.

Poly-Cap Top Rail Cover (PC)
SafeFoam Premium Top Rail Cover (SFP)

Fence Guard Top Rail Cover (FG)
Safety Top Cap Top Rail Cover (STC)