Hoover Fence Company provides this fence estimating software online as a free service to our customers and fence contractors. Calculators are believed to estimate fence materials correctly, however are updated frequently, and errors may exist. Hoover Fence Company accepts no responsibility for their accuracy. Please check all calculations manually, or with one of our sales representatives prior to placing your order for accuracy. Please use our Contact Us page to report issues.

Important Notes about our Chain Link Calculator:


Rounding of Material Calculations: Our chain link fence calculator will round some quantities to the next sellable quantity for estimating and ordering purposes. You may click ‘Add to Cart’ once the results page shows and adjust quantities as you see fit; afterall a few extra parts here and there are a good idea.

For example, the following items will round up:

Chain Link Fabric (Mesh): Software will round to next 50’ roll. Tip: Consider adjusting footage for less waste. Top Rail: Our chain link calculator will round to next 21’ length of tubing/pipe.
Tie Wires: Program will round up to 100. We sell ties in bags of 100.

Gates: At present we offer a limited number of gate sizes, all suitable for standard post sizes calculated.

Options: This residential chain link calculator is designed with simplicity in mind. We of course offer nearly any option under the sun for chain link fences, however this calculator currently does not. Consult one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for some fast, friendly, and free advice!

Fence Quotes and Ordering Fence: Anyone can use this calculator, whether you are a registered user or not. As a registered user though, you may create and save quotes for various fence jobs and options! Sign up here! Once you save a quote, you can also send it to us by email for review, to check quantities, volume and shipping discounts!