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All Aluminum Chain Link Fabric
6061-T94 Alloy Aluminum
2" mesh x 6 gauge


Click to enlarge!All aluminum chain link fence is both structural as well as decorative. Its rapid growth in the fence industry is due to such factors as corrosion resistance, lightness, pleasing appearance, and minimum maintenance requirements. Aluminum fence is becoming increasingly important in such usage as it provides permanent, maintenance free enclosures, and protective barriers in keeping with contemporary design requirements. A chain link fence of aluminum has a natural, trim beauty that is difficult to attain with other fencing material. The attractiveness lasts, moreover, because of the metal's inherent resistance in harsh industrial and seacoast atmospheres that cause rapid deterioration in most other metals. Since painting is unnecessary, maintenance cost savings over the lifetime of an aluminum chain link fence will more than pay for the initial cost of the fence. This one consideration has become the major factor in the overall cost of a wire fence, as maintenance costs have risen steadily each year. Aluminum fences are high strength installations and can be relied upon under the hardest usage. They resist strains and impacts, often more satisfactorily than traditional materials. Aluminum fencing is entirely salvageable - fence locations can be changed, if necessary, and all components re-used, even after a fence has been installed for years.

We sell all aluminum chain link in 50' rolls only. We also carry full all aluminum chain link fence systems, including posts, tubing, fittings, and fully assembled gates. Please send material lists or requests for quotes by email or fax for pricing.

A set up fee applies to all orders of this product.

Sold individually, pricing displayed is per 50' roll. Buy in Bulk and Save! Discounts will automatically apply when carting Skid Quantities or more.

All Aluminum Chain Link Fabric

All Aluminum
Chain Link Fabric

Aluminum Chain Link Fabric

Code Size
(Mesh x Gauge x Height)
Ends Weight
(Per 50' Roll)
Skid Qty* Price
(Per 50' Roll)
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AFM-2636 2" x 6 x 36" KxK 0.45/Sq. Ft. 9 $ Add to Cart
AFM-2642 2" x 6 x 42" KxK 0.45/Sq. Ft. 9 $ Add to Cart
AFM-2648 2" x 6 x 48" KxK 0.45/Sq. Ft. 9 $ Add to Cart
AFM-2660 2" x 6 x 60" KxK 0.45/Sq. Ft. 9 $ Add to Cart
AFM-2672 2" x 6 x 72" KxB 0.45/Sq. Ft. 9 $ Add to Cart
AFM-2684 2" x 6 x 84" KxB 0.45/Sq. Ft. 9 $ Add to Cart
AFM-2696 2" x 6 x 96" KxB 0.45/Sq. Ft. 9 $ Add to Cart
AFM-26120 2" x 6 x 120" KxB 0.45/Sq. Ft. 9 $ Add to Cart
AFM-26144 2" x 6 x 144" KxB 0.45/Sq. Ft. 9 $ Add to Cart
Set Up Fee $ Add to Cart

*Buy in Bulk and Save! Discounts automatically applied on Skid Quantities or more!

Note: These photos are for demonstration purpose only, actual size and design may vary slightly. Weights shown are approximate.

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