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V-Groove Wheels &
Aluminum V-Groove
Slide Gate Track for Sliding Gates

V-Groove Wheels & TrackChoose our all solid steel V-groove or solid nylon V-Groove gate wheels for attaching to 2" square stock and/or horizontal rails of sliding gates. Gate wheels are approximately 4" in diameter and just shy of 2" thick. Near 1/2" axle and shaft secure wheel to all steel heavy duty box. Steel box serves both as a safety cover and heavy duty mounting box. Secure box and wheel to the bottom edge of a gate with thru bolts, by welding, or both. Notch in v-groove allows for an approximate 1/2" drop down on top of our aluminum track. Steel mounting boxes are in two halves, secured with bolts and tubes inside to prevent box from collapsing. Sliding v-groove gate wheels will fit most all other tracks on the market.

Aluminum track is available in convenient 8' UPS shippable lengths and 10' lengths which must ship by truck. Track measures approximately 4-1/2" wide and 7/32" thick.

Square steel tubing is commonly used for fabricating chain link gate frames, ornamental steel gate frames, and an assortment of other types of gates. Square tubing can sometimes be preferred by fabricators over round tubing due to availability. Butt joints, angled joints, and diagonal bracing is easily accomplished without the need of a pipe and tubing notcher. Square tubing used for gates can also provide some advantages of a flat side for mounting wood and vinyl fascia for privacy and aesthetic appeal.


V-Groove Wheels & Aluminum V-Groove Slide Gate Track for Sliding Gates
V-Groove Wheels
& V-Groove Track
V-Groove Wheels & Track


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4" Solid Steel V-Groove Wheel
w/ Pre-Attached Steel Box

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4" Solid Nylon V-Groove Wheel
w/ Pre-Attached Steel Box

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8' Aluminum V-Groove Gate Track

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10' Aluminum V-Groove Gate Track
(Must Ship by Truck)

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Note: These photos are for demonstration purpose only, actual size and design may vary slightly. Weights shown are approximate.

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Customer Comment:

Dear Hoover Fence,

I just wanted to let you know how pleasantly surprised I was fixing my broken gate... I ordered the two units below but all I needed was one wheel and axle (not the steel box). I ordered two because I figured I would change both sides/wheels. I removed one new wheel and axles from it's new box. The new wheel fit perfectly within my existing box which is welded and would not have been easy to remove; I didn't use the new steel box for that wheel/side. For the other side (which still had an operational but very old wheel) I figured I would use the other new steel box and wheel as is to see how it mounted and would hold with just through-bolts which I used from the other unused steel box. Yes, I have two wheels on that one side but that side is much heavier because of some thicker steel and modifications to the gate. The old wheel is too worn to roll all the time so most of the weight is on the new box and wheel which seems to be holding-up great. Nothing usually works so easily and well for me I was just blown away with the results.

Thank you.