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Residential Chain Link Swing Gates - Assembled

Gate Features:  Residential gate with vinyl fabric shown here. You can choose any style of fabric for your gate. Hinges and latches are additional. The gate comes completely assembled! Click on the above image to enlarge!
  • Completely assembled residential grade gate frame
  • Gate hardware sold separately - No hinges, latch, or drop rod latch included
  • Decorative gate scrolls on top optional - please order separately here
  • 1-3/8'' O.D. galvanized frames (including gates with vinyl chain link) - See our vinyl chain link catalog for color options.
  • Corners notched and welded for strength and aesthetics
  • 5' high and 6' high gates have additional horizontal center brace
  • Available with your choice of 11-1/2, 11 or 9 ga. galvanized chain link fabric.
  • Available with extruded vinyl fabric in your choice of dark green, dark brown, black or white. Sorry, we can not guarantee that colors will match your existing fence. These vinyl gates have a galvanized frame. The frame is NOT color coated. For chain link gates with a matching color coated frame, please visit our color coated chain link fence parts catalog.
  • Gate clips are used to connect fabric to frame with tension bars
  • Aluminum tie wires secure the top and bottom of the fabric to the frame.
  • Most of these gates must be shipped by large truck. Delivery is tailgate delivery. This means that someone has to be available to help the driver unload the truck and sign for the load. See our complete shipping policy before ordering.
  • Subtract 2 inches from the height of the gate to figure the gate's actual height. Space is allowed so the gate will match the height of the fence without the gate rubbing the ground.
  • Actual gate widths are approx. 3-3/4 inches less than the width shown. This allows space for our standard strap hinges and fork latch (not included). Example: a 4' wide gate actually measures 44-1/4 inches wide. If you are using your hinges, set the posts after the gate arrives by pre-mounting the hinges and latch to guarantee a proper fit. This is always a good idea anyway. TIP: Set the gate hinge post first, install the gate complete with latch and set the latch post last. This GUARANTEES a good fit. We can custom build to fit your opening between posts, or other fixed structures, i.e. walls, and/or columns.
  • If you are replacing an existing gate, you must measure the gate opening size and make sure gate posts are plumb. Measure across the opening at a height where you intend to mount the latch. Provide us with the 'inside-to-inside' measurement.  Provide us with the gate opening size and we will make the gate fit using our hinges and latch. It would also be wise to measure the actual height of the gate, if our standard 2 inch space under the gate does not meet your needs. Please order by telephone all custom-sized gates.
  • Try our interactive chain link fence materials calculator online for free estimates!

See these pages for prices and more information: 3' high | 3-1/2' high | 4' high | 5' high | 6' high

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