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1-3/8" Internal Pipe Sleeve Connector


Our 1-3/8" internal pipe sleeve connector is a great way to add strength and rigidity to longer runs of chain link kennel panels. We supply the sleeves with a welded bead on them to keep the connector centered between the panels which effectively ties the tops of the panels together. Piece measures approximately 3" long and is designed to fit inside of 1-3/8" tubing. Hoover Fence Co. uses this method with our fabricated modular kennel panels.

Internal Pipe Sleeve Connector


Kennel Hinge

Internal Kennel Pipe Connector

Internal Pipe Sleeve Connector

Code Part Description Weight Price Ea. View Cart
CL-IPSC-13 1-3/8" Internal Pipe
Sleeve Connector
0.10 lbs $ Add To Cart

Note: These photos are for demonstration purpose only, actual size and design may vary slightly. Weights shown are approximate.

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