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Kennel Hinge and Latch
Pressed Steel & Galvanized


Chain link dog kennel latches and gate hinges were specially designed for use on dog kennels and animal cages for 'tight allowances'. Specialty kennel hinges were designed to minimize the space between the gate upright and the latch vertical of the kennel frame. The strap portion simply bolts to the vertical kennel frame; the male potion of the hinge fits into the gate upright, top and bottom, eliminating the need for a female hinge. Kennel hinges are available for 1-3/8" pipe only. The latch also has been designed to minimize space between the gate frame and the kennel frame. Standard fork latches simply need lifted in order to free the gate from the latched position. Kennel latches are cast so that the latch portion must be lifted straight up prior to turning/ releasing. Most dogs are unable to 'flip' the latches and escape.  Hoover Fence Co. uses dog-proof gate latches and kennel hinges on all our custom fabricated modular kennel panels and custom kennel enclosure packages.

Kennel Hinge - Click to enlarge!Kennel Latch - Click to enlarge!

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Typical Hardware Set for a Kennel Gate: (1) Latch, (2) Hinges, (2) Carriage Bolts

Kennel Hinge

Kennel Hinge
Kennel Hinges Minimize Space Since They Do Not Require a Female Hinge.  They Fit into Gate Upright, Top and Bottom.

Code Part Description Weight Bag Qty* Price Ea. View Cart
K-2 1-3/8" kennel hinge
(see note below)
0.76 lbs 100 $ Add To Cart

Kennel Latch

Kennel Latch
Dog-Proof Kennel Latch in Closed Position

Code Part Description Weight Bag Qty* Price Ea. View Cart
K-1 1-3/8" x 1-3/8" kennel latch 0.10 lbs 50 $ Add To Cart

Note: Kennel Hinge fits in end of 1-3/8'' tubing frame and around 1-3/8'' frame. Does not include the 3/8'' x 2'' carriage bolts required for each hinge - 2 hinges required for each gate.

*Buy in Bulk and Save! Discounts automatically applied on Bag Quantities or more!

Note: These photos are for demonstration purpose only, actual size and design may vary slightly. Weights shown are approximate.

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