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Brite Galvanize
Aerosol Corrosion Protection and Repair

Description:  Brite galvanize repairs hot-dip galvanizing that has been damaged by abrasion, scratching, cutting, or welding. Cosmetically repairs both ferrous and nonferrous surfaces. An exceptionally smooth-flowing product that leaves a bright metal dry film coating with a reflective metallic sheen. The zinc fuses to metal substrates to provide protection similar to hot-dip galvanizing.

Benefits: Brite galvanize will restore galvanized surfaces to the bright look of hot-dip. Stops rust and corrosion on any iron or steel surface. Even if surface is scratched, zinc solution will continue to protect against corrosion. Brite galvanize offers the convenience of on-the-job application when hot-dip repair is necessary.  Dries to the touch in just ten minutes. Contains no lead, chromates, ethylene chloride or fluorocarbons. Meets performance requirements of ASTM A780-93A.

Application: Use on pipes, heavy equipment, highway guard rails, hand rails, welds, metal chain link fences, bridges, storage tanks, corrugated metal buildings, transformers, television towers, signs and sign posts, railroad equipment, construction equipment, and anywhere the bright look of hot-dipped surfaces is desired.  There is 65% zinc in dry film.

Directions: Whenever possible, first coat should be applied within two hours of the damage to the galvanized surface; this prevents oxidation of the exposed areas. Surface should be free of dirt, dust, oil, grease, old paint, heavy mill scale, loose rust particles, and any other contaminants that could prevent proper adhesion.  Severely rusted areas should be cleaned with a wire brush to remove loose scale prior to application of Brite Galvanize. For best results, use at temperatures between 60 and 80F (16 to 27C). Repair material should extend at least three inches beyond edges of the damaged area to ensure continuity of galvanized action. For aerosol application, align spray head with black mark on valve rim to ensure complete evacuation of contents.  Shake can for two minutes after rattle of agitator ball is heard, and intermittently during use. Apply from a distance of 8-12 inches from surface to be coated. Spray in light, sweeping strokes to avoid runs and sags.  Two thin coats are better than one heavy coat. Prepare for storage by turning can upside down and spraying for two seconds to clear material from inside dip tube and nozzle.

Limitations: Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request. Do not apply at temperatures below 40F (4C), or if rain is imminent within 6 hours of application. Aerosol cans must be used within 12 months of date of purchase. Containers should be stored in a cool, dry place.

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Welded Corner of Galvanized Tubing.
Welded Corner of
Galvanized Tubing.
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Wire Brushing Welded Corner
Wire Brushing
Welded Corner
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Freshly Painted Welded Corner
Freshly Painted
Welded Corner
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Bright Galvanize Paint

Brite Galvanize

Brite Galvanize Paint

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