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MODEL 1810 - Telephone Entry System by DoorKing™
Click to enlarge!One of our most popular models is the 1810 which combines the telephone entry system with a lighted directory built into a single compact unit.  This directory uses standard sheet paper and can be updated and changed as required.  Like the 1803, this unit is available in a surface or flush mount housing.
  • Control Access to apartment buildings, gated communities, condominiums, office buildings, factories and industrial sites
  • Visitors are identified by voice communication via telephone
  • Access is granted by pressing "9" on your touch tone telephone, or access can be denied by simply hanging up.
  • Specifications
  • Installation instructions - Installation and Programming Manual for the following units: 1803, 1808 and 1810 units with circuit board 1862-010, Rev O or higher.
  • Gooseneck Stands


  • 600 memory included
  • Provides service for up to 600 residents
  • Built-in lighted paper directory
  • Two dry contact relays provide control of vehicular gate and pedestrian gate or door.
  • Resident and vendor entry codes can be time zone restricted.
  • 10 area codes provides service for areas requiring 10 and 11 digit dialing.
  • Power transformer included.
  • Programmable directory codes (1-4 digits)
  • Built-in time clock provides automatic "hold-open" periods and time zone restrictions
  • Time clock has its oen backup power source
  • Directory codes can be programmed to numbers of your choice
  • Special switch inputs can be programmed to activate relays or dial a preprogrammed number
  • Temporary "Flash" entry code automatically turns itself off after programmed usage time
  • Full duplex communication
  • Measures 13"H x 11.25"W x 4.75"D
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1807-012 Handset Conversion Kit - Includes handset, handset adapter, hanger and speaker convert a hands free telphone entry system into a hand set system $ Add to Cart