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SecuraKey (Entracomp) 26SA & 28SA-PLUS
Stand Alone Card Access Control Units
26SA and 28SA-PLUS



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SecuraKey 26SA & 28SA-PLUS

  • Inexpensive
  • Self-contained
  • 65,000 card capacity
  • Patented slotless Touch Card® reader
  • No control panels or secondary electronics
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Low power consumption - solar powerable
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Timed Antipassback
  • Lexan surface housing

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SecuraKey 26SA & 28SA both
come with a Lexan surface housing.

The SecuraKey 26SA card access control unit utilizes state of the art electronics in providing a unit that is both inexpensive and fully programmable. The patented slotless Touch Card reader is protected from weather and vandalism. Simply place the card on the stainless steel touch plate and the card is read instantly and errorlessly. A green light indicates that access has been granted. Because the SecuraKey 26SA has non-volatile memory, reprogramming the access codes after power loss is a thing of the past. Validating and voiding of cards as well as other programming functions are easily accomplished from outside the housing using a few programming cards. The complete unit with Lexan® surface housing easily mounts to a single gang electrical box, masonry wall, post, or almost any other flat surface. The SecuraKey 26SA operates on low voltage, AC or DC, and consumes less than 100 milliamps.

Click to enlarge!The SecuraKey 28SA-PLUS card access unit gives you all of the features of  the 26SA-PLUS, with the ability to operate in conjunction with a serial printer, pc, or modem. Simply hardwire the 28SA-PLUS to a serial printer to have a real-time hard copy report of all persons using that unit. Use a pc or laptop to program the unit from a local central terminal or program it using a modem telephonically. Transaction information is stored by the unit and may be downloaded to a terminal, pc, or printer.  A second "slave unit" may be added to the 28SA-PLUS to allow access control in both directions through a passageway. The limited use feature allows cards to be programmed to work for a given number of days, a given number of days after the first use, or a given number of times.

Cards available in different styles - call us toll-free at 1-800-355-2335 to discuss your options. Simply place the card on the stainless steel touch plate and the card is read instantly and errorlessly. The Securakey cards come in several formats to fit most security needs.  Whether it is a simple magnetic card, a card with a pouch for a photograph, or glossy cards for your photo image software, Hoover Fence has the card for you.  Give us a call to discuss all your options.