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American Access Systems Models 11-024
Stand Alone Mechanical Card Access Control Units

Mechanical Card Readers
AAS 11-024 Card Reader

When price and ease of use are important, the American Access Systems, Inc. StandAlone Mechanical Card Reader fits the bill. With no power or programming required, this is one of the simplest card readers available today!


The StandAlone Mechanical Card Reader features a high grade stainless steel faceplate with a heavy metal, powder coated enclosure. In the middle of the faceplate is a slot for the card to slide into. There is no programming on this unit. Simply unlock the faceplate and install the program cartridge. When a card is inserted into the slot, if the facility codes match, the gate will open. That's it. It's that simple!


Since there is no programming required, an unlimited amount of cards may be used with the StandAlone Mechanical Card Reader. In addition, up to three different program cartridges may be used in one reader, making this a perfect solution for a low cost / low security application!


Note: Program cartridge and access card facility codes MUST MATCH!!


AAS 11-024 Mechanical Card Reader
AAS 11-024
Mechanical Card Reader


  • Unlimited card capacity
  • No power required
  • Cards sold in packs of 50
  • Adapter included for night light (12VAC required)
  • Limited two year warranty
  • Reads up to three codes simultaneously
  • Surface mounts on flat surface or gooseneck stand

More Information:

General Specifications:
  • Input: No power needed w/o light
  • Output: n/o or n/c contact
  • Operating temperature: -15 to 180 Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions: 11-024:  5.25h x 4.75w x 4.50d
  • Intercom: 8 ohm Mylar speaker w/ call button
  • Ship weight: 5 lbs.

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AAS-40-002 Program Cartridge for 11-024 Mechanical Card Readers - 1 Required per Reader $ Add to Cart
AAS-40-003 50 Pack Cards for 11-024 Mechanical Card Readers $ Add to Cart
AAS-12VAC 12 Volt AC, 20 VA Transformer (Required for Night Light) $ Add to Cart
AAS-18-001 Model 18-001 Single Height Pad Mount Gooseneck Stand $ Add to Cart
AAS-18-003 Model 18-003 Double Height Pad Mount Gooseneck Stand $ Add to Cart