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3/16" Pro Diamond Blades

General Information about Blades:

Combo Blades (SB-B) - have a medium bond and can be used in both asphalt and concrete. Combo blades will not cut as quickly as the specialized surface blades will, but if you find yourself cutting into both types of surfaces often they are a worthwhile investment.

In our test marketing the Combo blade cut over 100 saw-cut loops.

Concrete Blades (SB-C) - have a soft bond and are designed to be used in hard materials such as concrete, concrete with reinforced bar, block, brick, hard brick, pavers, clay pavers and field stones. Using a concrete blade in abrasive surfaces like asphalt will cause the blade to wear quicker.

Asphalt Blades (SB-A) - have a hard bond and are designed to be used only in abrasive material like asphalt. Using an asphalt blade in a surface like concrete can cause the blade to crack, teeth to chip off, and can possibly damage the saw-cut machine.

The Asphalt Blade is the highest quality blade we offer, but it should only be used for cutting asphalt. In our test marketing this blade cut over 200 loops.

All of the 14" diameter blades are rated up to 25 horsepower, and will fit 3/4" to 1" arbors. All of the 14" blades now feature a depth guide to help installers quickly set the proper depth for their cut. Blade Diagram.

Our 7" blade is ideal for getting into areas where a walk behind saw cannot fit. If you ever find yourself needing to install or replace loops under pavers investing in a lower profile saw and blade can be very beneficial. With a handsaw and a 7” blade it is possible to selectively pull up pavers in the pattern of the loop and cut the grooves with a smaller profile blade. This blade is available is a 'Combo' blade only, and measures 3/16" wide. This blade will fit arbors from 5/8" to 7/8".

BD Loops 7&quote; Concrete Blade - SB-B7BD Loops 14" Asphalt Blade - SB-ABD Loops 14" Combination Blade - SB-BBD Loops 14" Concrete Blade - SB-C

SB-B7 7" Diameter Concrete Blade - 3/16" Wide - 5/8" to 7/8" Arbor $/each Add to Cart | View Cart
SB-A 14" Diameter Asphalt Blade - 3/16" Wide - 3/4" to 1" Arbor $/each Add to Cart | View Cart
SB-B 14" Diameter Combo Blade - 3/16" Wide - 3/4" to 1" Arbor $/each Add to Cart | View Cart
SB-C 14" Diameter Concrete Blade - 3/16" Wide - 3/4" to 1" Arbor $/each Add to Cart | View Cart
Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool

Many loop installers use screwdrivers, paint mixers, sticks, or other tools to stuff saw-cut loops into saw-cut grooves. These tools are not only inefficient, they can knick the loop wire and cause a loop to short to ground.

Save your back and knees with the Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool!

The BD Loops Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool allows installers to quickly and easily roll loop wire into the bottom of the saw-cut groove while standing. It is made of smooth and durable PVC that will not knick the loop wire.

The flat and angled wedge tools allow installers to easily push wire down into 135° dog eared corner cuts. The Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool is designed to work best with BD Loops 3/16” Preformed Loops.

The Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool has a ¾” PVC coupler to accept any length ¾” PVC handle, we suggest the use of Schedule 80 PVC conduit.

Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool Features

  • Designed for saw-cut depth up to 2-1/4".
  • Allows use to quickly and easily roll the loop to the bottom of the saw-cut groove.
  • Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool can also be used to help clean out the saw-cut groove.
  • Included dog ear corner block allows installers to quickly mark the dog ear corners. Simply trace around the block with the included construction crayon.
  • Made in the USA.

Pizza Wheel and Wedge ToolPizza Wheel and Wedge Tool Package Contents

Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool In Use

PR-316 Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool $/each Add to Cart | View Cart
Loop Goop 2-Part Polyurethane Loop Sealant

BD-LG2 is a two component polyurethane, detector loop sealant. It is designed for use in both asphalt and concrete pavement to provide a weather and chemical resistant waterproof seal. BD-LG2 effectively seals out moisture and provides a tough and durable seal. Permits vehicular traffic immediately after application with no need for lane closure.

BD-LG2 is designed for sealing loops in cold or freezing temperatures. BD-LG2 Detector Loop Sealant exhibits Exceptional chemical resistance to de-icing salts (including 50% by weight potassium acetate), gasoline, hydraulic brake fluid and motor oil. BD-LG2 requires no clean up since the mixing tips are disposable.


BD-LG2 is primarily used as a fast cure, protective seal for inductance loops. It may be used as a sealant for saw cuts in concrete and asphalt surfaces.

BD-LG2 cures in cold and freezing applications. Finally a solution for sealing loops in cold weather!


BD-LG2 will gel in only 8 - 15 minutes at 77°F (25°C). This product will take longer to gel at temperatures below 77°F (25°C). See the “Gel Time in Saw Cut” chart below. The cure will also depend on the volume of material applied. Contact your BD Loops Distributor for more information.


Temperature Gel Time
23°F (-5°C) 120 Min.
41°F (5°C) 45 Min.
59°F (15°C) 15 Min.
Greater than 59°F (15°C) Less than 15 Min.

Superior Features:

BD-LG2 has no reaction with the asphalt and concrete and therefore will not deteriorate them. It exhibits no "bubbling" or "mushrooming". BD-LG2 will not expand or flow above the joint.

Handling Instructions:

BD-LG2 is a 100% solids system that contains no solvents and is zero V.O.C.

BD-LG2 Specification Sheet (PDF)

BD Loops BD-LG2 Loop Sealant Logo

BD Loops BD-LG2 Loop Sealant Components

BD-LG2-SINGLE 2-Part Loop Goop Sealant with Static Mixing Tip - MINIMUM ORDER OF 2 TUBES $/each Add to Cart | View Cart
Dripless Dual Cartridge Dispensing Gun for BD-LG2 Sealant

Dripless high quality 600ml dual cartridge dispensing gun for use with BD-LG2. This sturdy dispensing gun can easily be reconfigured for use with 1:1 or 2:1 cartridges (300:300ml or 300:150ml).


  • 22 oz. (600 ml.) Dual Component
  • 26:1 Thrust Ratio
  • 1:1 or 2:1 Tube Configuration
  • Double Steel Gripper Plates
  • Composite Straps and Braces
  • Aluminum Handle
  • Steel Push Discs
  • Side-by-Side Rod Design
  • Adjustable Screw Cuts Thrust Gaps

BD Loops Dual Cartridge Dispensing Gun for BD-LG2 Loop Sealant - Top View

BD Loops Dual Cartridge Dispensing Gun for BD-LG2 Loop Sealant - Side View with Sealant

BD-LG2-GUN Dripless Dual Cartridge Dispensing Gun for BD-LG2 Sealant $/each Add to Cart | View Cart
BD Loops Analog Megohmmeter Loop Tester

Megohmmeters are the only meter than can test for the most common loop issue - a nick in the insulation causing the loop to short to ground. This is why they are referred to as "Insulation Testers".

This analog megohmmeter gives installers more information than the more common light up megohmmeters. The pin will point to the megohm reading - giving you a number you can track and monitor to determine if the loop is shorting to ground.

The BD Loop Megger Includes:

  • Batteries
  • Quick Start Instructions for Testing Loops
  • Indepth Instructions for Testing Loops
  • Testing Record Booklet - Track loop performance and protect your installation
  • Carrying Case

To obtain a megohm reading simply connect one lead of the megohmmeter to the loop and connect the other lead of the megohmmeter to ground.

Are you testing your loops with the right meter?

To properly “meg” a loop you must use a megohmmeter and not a multimeter. Because multimeters have an “ohm” setting many installers falsely believe that a multimeter can be used to “meg a loop”. Here is a quick look at how megohmmeters and multimeters differ:

Multimeters generally measure Continuity, Resistance, and Voltage. (For loops multimeters will check continuity, but will not tell you if the loop is shorting to ground.)

Megohmmeters are Insulation Testers. (Megohmmeters will tell you if the loop wire's insulation has been nicked as is causing a short to ground.)

Specifications (PDF) | How to Meg and Inductance Loop (PDF)

BD Loops Anolog Megohmmeter Loop TesterBD Loops Anolog Megohmmeter Loop Tester Package Components

BD-MEGGER Analog Megohmmeter Loop Tester $/each Add to Cart | View Cart
E-Z Detector Checker

Take the guess work out of your next gate servicing trip with the BD Loops E-Z Detector Checker. The only device of its kind that can help pinpoint what is causing the problem within a loop circuit by the art of substitution. The E-Z Detector Checker is a fully functional loop that fits in your hand, you simply hook it up in place of the currently installed loop to begin troubleshooting your system. The device has an LED light that lights up if the loop is being energized by the detector, which allows you to determine if the detector/harness wiring is sending power to the loop. With a press of the red button you can simulate a loop trip, and determine if the detector is functioning properly and make sure the gate operator is responding to the detector's command.

Our philosophy is that installers should test the easy to replace components of the loop system first. You can’t fix a loop in the ground, so test it last and be confident in your diagnosis. If your at home reading lamp stops working what do you do? You put a new light bulb in it to see if that fixes it. The E-Z Detector Checker does the same thing, it’s a new loop (light bulb) for your loop circuit (lamp).

The E-Z Detector Checker tests the detector, and harness wiring/circuit board connection. It does not test the loop, the only way to test a loop is with a megohmmeter. The E-Z Detector Checker can also be used to help quickly calibrate open/close limits and swing timers. There has been great success with the E-Z Detector Checker, it is a handy little device that can save your installers a lot of hassle when troubleshooting loop systems.

EZ- Detector Checker Features:

  • Unit is encased in a tough PVC shell.
  • Alligator clip leads store neatly in base of unit.
  • Reduces the chance of cutting in a new loop when the problem
    was in the detector circuit.
  • Never needs battery replacement, unit is powered off operator.
  • Allows the opportunity to increase your profits by reducing
    your servicing time and repeat service calls.

Product Specifications (PDF)

BD Loops EZ Checker Diagram

BD Loops EZ Checker Packaged ComponentsBD Loops EZ Checker Lead Storage

EZ-CHECKER EZ Detector Checker $/each Add to Cart | View Cart