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Click2Enter - Mobile/Portable Radio Entry For Emergency Vehicles

Click2Enter - Click, Click...You're In!






Description & Benefits:
  • Click2Enter taps the state-of-the-art electronics now designed into modern scanner radio technology to give public safety personnel (Law Enforcement, Fire, Ambulance / Rescue or any authorized user) a quick, safe, reliable and stealthy means to activate gates and security control mechanisms using their portable or mobile radios
  • Click2Enter does away with the cumbersome keys, remote control actuators and access control codes required by other systems because every emergency response vehicle already has the "key" - their radio transmitter (mobile or portable). No need to buy extra equipment or modify their radios.
  • The technology is secure. Public safety agencies are issued FCC-assigned radio frequencies for restricted use only. Possession of transmitting devices by non-authorized personnel is tightly controlled and transmitting on those frequencies by outsiders is against the law (both Federal and State statues)
  • Click2Enter responds only to the frequencies and sub-audible private line codes currently programmed into its memory. Editing those frequencies can be done with any RS-232 keyboard interface and standard modem protocol software. Factory programming can be done, please request this option when ordering.
  • You now provide near-instant access to secure areas to deal with emergencies as they occur. To activate the Click2Enter, the operator must be proximate to the device. Two short transmission pulses of an emergency vehicle radio transceiver is all that is required to initiate immediate entry.
  • Click - Operation Light Activates
  • Release When Light Goes Off - Operation LIght Activates
  • Click
  • Release When LIght Goes Off - Blinking Light Indicates Gate or Door is Opening

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More Information:
  • Specifications - Click here for specifications for the Click2Enter.
  • Manual - Click here for PDF format manual. (Requires Acrobat Reader - Click here to download)


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