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Click2Enter - Specifications

  • Scanner/receiver radio.
  • Variable activation range via programming.
  • Two radio transmission "clicks" for activation.
  • 20 channel capacity.
  • Mutual aid compatible.
  • Bright activation LED and power LED.
  • Time/day/agency memory recall.
  • CTCSS, PL/DPL private line (PL) programming capability.
  • Auto detect and load of private line codes.
  • Compatible with analog or digital radio transmitters, using private line sub-audible transmissions.
  • Will operate with carrier only for use with digital radio systems.
  • Able to use talk around carriers (car to car) of trunk line radio systems.
  • Able to receive radio transmissions to include 800 MHz bands.
  • Able to use aircraft AM band frequencies for airport access control operations.
  • Latch open and close features.
  • Programmable latch open variable 0 to 60 minute reset delay on each channel (0=pulse ON only).
  • Ability to handle high power mobile transmitters and lower power hand held portable transmitters.
  • Proprietary programming software built into each unit.
  • Field programmable using a Windows CE PDA or laptop computer.
  • Programmable via RS-232 interface.
  • User-selected PIN for security of programmed frequencies.
  • Factory override PIN, via software.
  • Able to capture and exhibit activation data log, via software.
  • Computer software programmable using standard terminal emulation software (Windows Hyper-Terminal)
  • Ability to adapt and use 12V to 24V DC or 12V to 24V AC (Click2Enter power will be a regulated 12V DC).
  • Lightning surge current protected (current/surge limiting circuit).
  • Reflective logo for night identification.
  • Unit enclosed in a NEMA Type 4 box, with security screws supplied.
  • Relay or dry contact ready.
  • Extra set of relay contacts to activate a multitude of devices.
  • Separate device available to perform external test/operation of Click2Enter.
  • Five year manganese dioxide lithium battery for memory backup.
  • Retrofit kits available for operation beyond temperature range specifications (hot & cold)

Public Safety Personnel Love It!

Give Law Enforcement, Fire, Ambulance/Rescue or any other Authorized User quick access to your property in emergency situations with the Click2Enter Receiver!