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EMX MODEL PRX-320 Reader / Keypad

Water-Proof Access Control
  • For use with gates or doors where weather is a concern
  • Powered by 12V DC power supply
  • Easy installation on wall or pedestal
    (order adapter plate if mounting to gooseneck stand below)
  • Low power consumption, can be used with solar applications
  • Option for using a built-in contact for doorbell enunciators
  • Use it as a keypad for some users and as a proximity card reader for others

    Tech Sheet | Installation Manual

MODEL PRX-320 - Proximity Reader / Keypad
EMX PRX-320 Proximity Reader/Keypad and
CARX-20 Reinforced Access Card
(Cards sold separately)

  • Stand-alone operation
  • Front panel power-on indicator
  • Four door / gate opening modes:
    Mode 1 - Enter 4-digit pass code only (enter 4-digit pass code for access)
    Mode 2 - Proximity card access only (present proximity card for access)
    Mode 3 - Proximity card + 4-digit pass code (present proximity card plus 4-digit pass code within 5 seconds for access)
    Mode 4 - Proximity card or 4-digit pass code (present proximity card or 4-digit pass code for access)
  • Programming mode is protected by a 4-digit system pass code
  • All proximity cards must be registered prior to use
  • Maximum storage of 2000 cards
  • Non-volatile memory protects against data loss
  • Access Cards for PRX-320 (Code #EMX-CARX-20)
  • Cards measure 3.4" long x 1.2 wide x .1 thick, ISO standard size
  • Reinforced for long life
  • Sold in lots of 20 only
  • Mounting Adapter Plate (Code #EMX-PRX320-PAD)
  • Used when mounting PRX-320 to gooseneck stand below
  • Polypropylene
  • Measures 6" long x 4" wide x .5" thick

Access Cards for PRX-320
Access Cards
(sold in lots of 20)

Mounting Adapter Plate - Required to mount to Gooseneck Stand #EMX-PED-001
Adapter Plate


POWER: 12V DC, 500-800 mA, Can be used on solar installations
POWER CONSUMPTION: 90 mA standby / 110 mA activated
POWER INDICATOR: Red LED bar on constant
KEY CONFIRMATION: Green LED on while key is depressed
ENTRY CONFIRMATION: Green LED bar on for set time
ENTRY DENIED: Yellow LED flashing
ALARM CONDITION: Yellow LED constant
READ RANGE: 5 inches
ACCESS: Up to 2000 users by card or 8 user passwords
DIMENSIONS: Proximity & Keypad Control = 5.0" Long x 2.75" Wide x 1.4" Deep,  Access Card = 3.4" Long x 1.2" Wide x 0.1"Thick, ISO standard size
DOOR LOCK TIME SETTING: Time electric lock is active after door access. Set between 01 - 99 seconds
EMX-PRX-320 EMX PRX-320 Proximity & Keypad Control $ Add to Cart
EMX-CARX-20 EMX PRX-320 Access Card (Reinforced) (Sold in lots of 20) $ Add to Cart
EMX-PRX320-PAD EMX PRX-320 Mounting Adapter Plate $ Add to Cart