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EMX BlueGuard BG-FE Bluetooth Enabled Stand-Alone Access Control System - Waterproof Model
BlueGuard BG-FE Stand-Alone Free Entry/Exit Wireless Access Control for IPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Bluetooth Enabled Cell Phones - Open gates, overhead doors and parking barriers with your Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Waterproof housing designed for outdoor use. The EMX BlueGuard BG-FE Bluetooth Free Entry Wireless Access Control Module works by creating a "bond" between your Bluetooth enabled device and BlueGuard. When you enter into the Bluetooth wireless range with your bonded iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other Bluetooth enabled device, BlueGuard will detect it and activate its output. You can use up to 10 different Bluetooth-enabled device as a hands-free controller to open and close a wide variety things. The BlueGuard FE is not designed for use in applications where a single button is used to open, stop, or reverse a door, (push to open, push to stop and push to close) such as a residential garage doors. Outside of this format the applications are limitless.

EMX BlueGuard Free Entry Access Control Module (BG-FE)

  Benefits include:

  • Durable PVC housing, watertight, designed for outdoor use
  • Hands-free operation for free entry or exit
  • Eliminates need for RFID or access cards
  • Extended range
  • Enhanced security
  • Easy to set up
  • Detection range: 33 feet in open air
  • Capacity: 10 cell phones
  • Relay outputs pulse or presence on normally open and normally closed contact connection
  • Arming input inhibits activation unless vehicle is present
  • Water-tight enclosure
  • PIN protected programming
  • Measures 1"Dia. x 7.5"L
  More Information:

BlueGuard Bluetooth Enabled Stand-Alone Access Control

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