Linear XR-1 General Specifications

Operating Voltage: 12 to 15.o VDC
Operating Temperature: -4 to +140 F (-20 to +60 C)
Receiver Type: Superheterodyne
Sensitivity: -118 dB (minimum)
Selectivity: 6 KHz
Carrier Frequency: 27,255 MHz
Number of Codes: 65,536
Code Setting Method: DIP switch programming
Data Input: Alarm, restore, status, and low battery
Status Exception Time Frame: Four hours
Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms (not supplied: see ANT-2)


Dimensions: 4.25 in W x 6.25 in H x 2.5 in D (108 x 159 x 64 mm)
Weight: 1 lb. (0.454 Kg)
Current Drain: 25 mA, typical standby 65 mA alarm @ 12 VDC
Outputs: Alarm - form "C" relay per channel
Status exception - one open collector output per receiver
Low Battery - one open collector output per receiver
Audio and signal strength test points

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