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Low Voltage Gate Operator Accessories
Nifty things for your GTO operated gate. Products built with low power consumption in mind for use with GTO low voltage operators.
GTO products shown here as well as some other compatible electronics. For our full line of access control products see our Access Control Index

Genuine GTO/Mighty Mule Replacement Parts and Accessories
GTO Operator Accessories - GTO products made for GTO and Mighty Mule gate operators for easy installation and setup.

Radio Transmitters
One-button transmitter is included with GTO Gate Operator. Add as many more as you need.
GTO Transmitters 1-Button Transmitter (RB741)
2-Button Transmitter (RB742)
3-Button Transmitter (RB743)
Radio Receivers
GTO DC operators come with a receiver. Replacement and garage door receivers
GTO Universal Narrow Band Receiver Replacement Receiver (AQ201-NB, AQ202-NB, AQ201-100-NB)
Universal Receiver (RB709U-NB)
Replacement transformers. Use with all DC operators unless powered by solar panels. Don't use both at the same time.
GTO Transformers Transformers (RB502, RB570)

Handy devices that mount outside your gate. Punch in the code and PRESTO! the gate opens.

GTO Keypads

Digital Wireless Keypad (F310)
Wireless Intercom/Keypad
Safely monitor your visitors with this wireless intercom/keypad. Up to 25 entry codes.

GTO Wireless Intercom/Keypads

Residential Wireless
Intercom/Keypad (F3100MBC)
Gooseneck Stands
Surface mount or in-ground mount aluminum modular pedestals.
GTO Gooseneck Stands Gooseneck Stands
(F110, F100)

Pushbutton Control
Place a push button to operate your gate operator in your house or garage.
GTO Pushbutton Push Button Control (RB101)
Photo Beams
Senses an obstruction and stops/reverses the gate, 'non-contact' safety device.
GTO Photo Beam Photo Beam (R4222)
Solar Panels
Power your operater with solar panels. Recommended in remote areas without AC power within 1000 feet.
GTO Solar Panels Solar Panels (FM122, FM123)

Exit Wands
Senses an automobile approaching and sends a signal to the control box to open the gate.
GTO Exit Wands Automobile Sensor
(FM139, FM140, FM141, FM141-250)
Automobile Sensors
Senses an automobile approaching and sends a signal to the control box to open the gate. Wireless to 100 feet.
GTO Wireless Automobile Sensor Wireless Automobile Sensor (R4500)
Wireless Vehicle Alert
Sensor allows you to know when a vehicle is entering or leaving your driveway.

GTO Wireless Vehicle Alert

GTO Vehicle Alert System (R4450)

Electric Gate Lock
Locks automatically when closing and unlocks the gate when opening for added security.
GTO Electric Gate Lock Electric Lock (FM144)
Pedestrian Gate Lock
This is a stand-alone security pedestrian gate lock. Not for use with any gate operator.
GTO Pedestrian Gate Lock Bulldog (FM145)
Master Pin Lock
Small padlock used to secure the operator arm to avoid theft and vandalism.
GTO Master Pin Lock Master Pin Lock (FM345)

Replacement Battery
12 volt battery used with all GTO operators. Primary power for use in control boxes.
GTO Battery
GTO Batteries (RB500)
Battery Heaters
Heaters for keeping batteries from discharging during extended periods of weather below 32F.
GTO Battery Heaters Battery Heaters (FM316, R4130)
Push to Open Adapters
Required to convert some operators to push to open application. PRO1000,1500,2500,3000 and MM350, 500, and 700.
GTO Push to Open Adapters Push To Open Adapter
(347IH, R4388, R4KPTO)

Slide Gate Concrete Mounting Pad
Mounting pad used to mount GTO SL-2000B slide gate operators to an existing concrete pad.
GTO 2000B Concrete Mounting Pad Slide Gate Concrete Mounting Pad (SGMP)
Control Boards
Replacement control boards for operators and automatic gate lock.
GTO Control Boards GTO Control Boards R4211, AQ251, R4722, LOCKPCB)
Power Cables
Connects the actuator arm to the control box. Replacements or longer ones used to extend the distance from the control box to the gate.
GTO Power Cables Control Cables (R4887, R4889, R4888, PCK5240, PCK30406, PCK3240, PCK4250)

Low Voltage Wire & Connectors
A must have! It is not included with any GTO operator. It supplies the main power to the operator. Wire is direct burial. no need for conduit to insulate.
GTO Direct Burial Low Voltage Wire  
Low voltage, direct burial wire (RB509)
Double Spade Connectors (RB411)
Replacement Parts
Complete replacement arms and replacement parts for all GTO swing and slide gate operators. Not all parts are available for discontinued operators.
GTO Replacement Parts GTO Operator Replacement Parts
Cable Gate Lock
Remote controlled gate lock for use with chain, cable, or rope driveway security. Can be used for other security applications
such as a boat, trailer or any other property that is protected by a chain or cable.
GTO/Mighty Mule Cable Gate Lock Remote Controlled Cable Gate Lock (FM245)

GTO Compatible Operator Accessories - Manufacturers other than GTO. Low voltage products that work with GTO operators. Check power usage for compatibility. Some items my require it's own power source. For our full line of access control products see our Access Control Index

EMX Long Ranger has a range of up to 650'. Heddolf transmitters are compatible with GTO receivers.
EMX Long Ranger Transmitter and Receiver  
EMX Long Ranger
Heddolf Transmitters
Keypads from various manufacturers. Look for low power consumption keypads that are powered by operator battery.
Keypads Keypads
The Aiphone Intercom below is a great value for a quality product. Other intercoms available, may require own power..
Aiphone Intercoms (master/door station)

Proximity Readers
Proximity readers work with cards or keypad to activate the gate or door. The EMX reader below is in a weatherproof enclosure for outdoor use.
Proximity Readers  
EMX Proximity Reader
Other Proximity Readers
Exit Wand
Automatically opens the gate when vehicle is detected exiting the property. Buries in the ground along driveway.
Exit Wand EMX Carsense 202 Exit Wand
Loop Detectors
EMX loops and loop detectors can be used to provide safety, free exit, and free entrance. Loops and detectors sold separately.
Loop Detectors  
EMX Loop Detectors
EMX Loops

Safety device that stops/reversed direction of gate when it detects something in the entrapment zone.
Photoeyes Photoeyes
Safety Edges
Miller safety edges are excellent safety devices to prevent damage to cars or people. Stops/reverses on contact without doing damage.
Safety Edges Miller Safety Edges
Pushbuttons can be used for a variety of purposes including free exit. Several manufacturers featured on page, includes keyswitches also.
Pushbuttons Pushbuttons & Keyswitches

Emergency Vehicle Access
Provides rapid access to automatic gates when activated by an emergency vehicle.
Firestrobe 2000
Access Control Wire
Wire comes in various gauges and colors to accomodate your needs. Most wire shown here is specifically suited for access control systems.
Access Control Wire Access Control Wire
Replacement Chains
Chains used to replace original slide gate operator chains or used on larger gates than supplied chains.
Replacement Chain for Slide Gate Operators Replacement Chains for
Slide Gate Operators

7 Day Timers
Timers can keep your gate open for busy hours during the day adding comfort and saving wear and tear on the operator. Timers use low voltage.
EMX ETM-17 7 day Timer  
EMX DTM-9 7 Day Timer
EMX ETM-17 7 Day Timer
Surge Suppressor
The Door King Model 1878-010 Low Voltage Surge Suppressor is used to protect electronic equipment powered by 6-24 volts AC or DC.
Surge Protector Door King Surge Suppressor
Warning Signs
Universal gate warning placards. Warning signs are required when automating a gate. The GTO operators include signs. Signs should be on both sides of the gate.
Automated Gate Warning Sign Universal Gate Warning Sign

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