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National Preformed Loops In PVC Conduit

National Loop Company Preformed Loop In PVC Conduit - Ideal For Gravel Driveways

National Loop Company Installation Tips

Preformed Flexible Conduit Loop

This Flexible Conduit Loop was designed for use in new construction or gravel roadways. The conduit is a ribbed non-metallic material providing full protection for the loop contained within. This loop is designed to be used in gravel applications being buried a few inches below the surface. A 1/2" non-metallic conduit should be used to protect the lead-in wire in drive area. The PVC loop can also be used with black top and concrete roadways. The proper installation procedures are below.

Preparation for Paving Over:

A.  Flex conduit into a rectangle shape of the size ordered.

B.  Choose proper location of loop and place loop on ground, keeping the "T" and lead-in wire closest to the operator.

C.  Cover with a light coating of sand, dirt or gravel.

D.  Protect lead-in wire by means of an additional length of 1/2" flexible conduit or rigid conduit of non-metallic material. This lead-in conduit should also be covered with sand, dirt or gravel, wherever black top would make contact.

Preparation for Concrete:

A.  Follow steps A & B above.

B.  Do not lay loop directly on rebar or wire mesh. Maintain a minimum of 3" from any metal.

C.  When installing over rebar or wire mesh, use non-metallic stakes to suspend loop over any metal reinforcements.

Note: You may opt to wait until cement is poured and then float
loop into cement maintaining a minimum of 3" from metal reinforcements.