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Vehicle Loop Detectors, Loops, and Loop Accessories for Gate Operators & Other Equipment

Free Exit or Entrance for Automated Gates and Doors: Loop detectors and loops may be used for a variety of applications. Vehicle loop detectors are frequently used to provide free entrance and/or free exit for traffic. Wire loop detector directly to gate operator or overhead door, connect to buried loop, and allow larger metal objects which drive over loop to trigger the gate or door to open, or close. Loops remain practically invisible, buried beneath gravel, asphalt, or concrete driveways. Vehicle loop detectors are a safe and reliable way of controlling an assortment of equipment.

Safety Devices for Automated Gates and Doors: Vehicle loops and loop detectors are also frequently used as safety devices. Loop detectors are wired or plugged directly to the gate operator or overhead door. Loops are buried directly under the automated gate or door. When a vehicle, or other large metal device, is present, a signal is sent preventing the automated gate or door from moving. Use in conjunction with automated gates safety photobeams, gate bumpers, and gate safety edges. Use with Linear/OSCO™ Swing Gate Operators, Slide Gate Operators, and Barrier Gate Operators.

Versatility of Vehicle Loop Detectors and Loops: Use with nearly any brand of gate operator, overhead door, or other equipment. Plug-in detector is used on control boards that offer the simplicity of plugging in loop detectors such as the Linear/OSCO operators utilizing the APeX control board.

The EDI Loop Detectors are available for 12-24VAC or DC. applications. The Plug-in Detector is used on Linear/OSCO operators with the APeX control board. Loops are available as Loop Wire Kits with Sealant for concrete or asphalt applications, or Preformed Loops for all uses including gravel applications (PVC loop recommended for gravel applications). Choose one of the following common applications for details:

Sample Automated Gate Scenarios w/ Equipment List: Controlled Entry - Free Exit I Controlled Entry - One Way Traffic I Free Exit

EDI Vehicle Loop Detectors LMA-100LV/200LVEDI Vehicle Loop Detectors LMA-1250LV/1250LP
EDI Loop Detectors
EDI Plug-In Vehicle Loop Detector - Use w/ automated gates as a safety device, free exit device, or free entrance device.
EDI Loop Detector
Loop Wire Kit with Sealant - Use with automated gate and vehicle loop detectors.
Loop Wire KIt
Preformed Loop in PVC - Use with automated gate and vehicle loop detectors.
Loop Preformed in PVC

Typical Automated Gate Loop and Loop Detector Layout - Click to Enlarge!
Typical Loop Layout
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Plug-In Style Loop Detector - Mini PCB Mount - for Linear/OSCO™ Operators with the APeX control board - 24VDC
EDI Plug-In Style Loop Detector - Mini PCB Mount 2500-2346 $ Add to Cart
EDI Vehicle Loop Detectors Box Style (24VDC Detectors Work With ETL Listed Linear/OSCO™ Operators) - AC or DC
EDI LMA-1250LV Dual Relay w/ Display, 12-24 VAC or DC - more 2500-2377 $ Add to Cart
EDI LMA-1250LP Dual Transistor Output, 12-24 VDC Low Power - more 2500-2378 $ Add to Cart
Harness Only for Loop Detector, Pre-wired for DC power* 2500-2196 $ Add to Cart
EDI Loop Detector Wiring Harness 2500-2420 $ Add to Cart
Loops - For Use in Concrete, Asphalt, and Gravel Driveways
Loop Wire Kit with 2 Sealants - 200', black sealant** 2510-222 $ Add to Cart
Loop Wire Kit with 1 Sealant - 200', black sealant** 2510-015 $ Add to Cart
Loop Sealant Tube (black) - 30 oz. tube 1600-542 $ Add to Cart
Loop Sealant Tube (gray) - 30 oz. tube 1600-818 $ Add to Cart
Loop Preformed in PVC, 6' x 12', 50' lead 2500-1502 $ Add to Cart
Loop Preformed in PVC, 6' x 15', 50' lead 2510-195 $ Add to Cart

Hoover Fence Co. Recommends Safety Devices On All Automated Gates.
*Pre-Wiring Options Are Available Only With The Purchase Of A Linear/ OSCO™ Gate Operator.

**Please Call To Substitute Gray Sealant Instead Of Black, If Desired