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Model RE-1 and RE-2 - Telephone Intercom Systems by Linear ™ - Specifications
General Specifications


Relay: Two form "C" relays rated at 3A @ 30 Vac or Vdc, each programmable for control, obstacle, alarm or shunt.

Sounder: Programmable for key presses and relay activation.

Voice: Synthesized human voice prompts for visitor and programming assistance; voice is heard through speaker and remote telephones.


Antenna: RE-1 built in, RE-2 external

Call Button: Push button input used to initiate communications.

RF: Intergral 318 MHz super heterodyne receiver @ -100dBm sensitivity (typical); receives Linear block coded transmitters and MGT supervised safety edge transmitters.

Open Request: Terminal input for each relay; when activated, will trigger the assigned relay for the programmed relay on time.

Door Sense/Inhibit: Terminal input for each relay monitors status of a protected entry point or can be programmed to restrict access to the assigned relay.

Keypad: 12 digit telephone style keypad for accepting entry codes and for local programming.

Power: 16 Vac (transformer included); input for externally charged 12 to 24 Vdc battery backup.

Current Draw (dialing out to one phone):
16 Vac: 270 mA standby - 440 mA operating
12 Vdc: 250 mA standby - 500 mA operating
24 Vdc: 150 mA standby - 300 mA operating

Operating Temperature: -22F to 149F (-30C to 65C)


Method: Locally via keypad; remotely via touchtone telephone or computer with modem running a web browser; NO SOFTWARE NEEDED

Memory: All data memory is stored in non volatile EEPROM with data retention in excess of 10 years.

Clock/Calendar: 24/7 clock/calendar with battery backup used for time zones: relay hold open times: date/time stamp for event log entries: downlight on/off times.

Connections: All power, telephone, relay and control connections to the unit are with plug on screw terminal blocks: RJ-45 and BNC connections for optional camera kit.

  Standard Equipment

RE-1 and RE-2: Residential telephone entry systems that are capable of sharing an existing phone line, a dedicated line, and dialing out up to 3 additional off site numbers or used as an intercom; intergral keypad used to accept entry codes; intergral radio receiver will accept signals from block coded transmitters; built-in clock calendar; voice prompts; accepts one remote keypad; provisions for dealer installed (not included) Knox switch; telephone bypass switch.

  Available Accessories

RE-BWC: RE-1 field upgradeable black & white CCTV camera; camera includes infrared illuminators for clear picture in low/no light conditions; receives power from RE-1

RE-CCM-2: RE-2 field upgradeable color CCTV camera; powered by the RE-2

AM-KP: Auxiliary wired keypad used for accepting entry codes to control a second door or gate.

Block Coded Transmitters: Programming remotes into the RE-1's integral radio receiver can be done with just a few keystrokes.

RE-2 Trim Rings: For RE-2N, use trim ring ACP00915, which matches nickel finish.
                           For RE-2SS, use trim ring ACP00917, which matches stainless steel finish