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Securitron Magnalock Model 62F
(Model 62F Pictured)
The Electromagnetic Lock System That Will Outlast Your Door or Gate

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Magnalocks are designed to secure any type of door or gate that closes against a fixed stop. The product consists of an electromagnet which mounts on the fixed frame and a strike plate which mounts on the moving door or gate. The strike plate is delivered with fasteners that permit it to flex so that when the door closes, it automatically self aligns with the magnet. Magnetic force then takes over, strongly securing the door or gate. Release is achieved by switching off power to the magnet.

     Securitron has been making electromagnetic locks since 1971 and has stayed at the forefront thanks to a continuing program of engineering improvements. In security industry trade journals, both installing dealers as well as end users have consistently chosen the Magnalock as the most highly preferred product. We attribute this not only  to the product's features but to its proven performance in demanding applications.

     The Model 62 series offers high security with 1200 lbs. holding force. Entry cannot be forced without special tools, or before the door or frame gives way. It's recommended not only for high security openings, but for outdoor use on all gate types too.

     Creating the world's best electromagnetic lock calls for serious engineering. During its years of continued development, the Magnalock family has incorporated an array of advanced features (both physical and electronic) that have made it what it is today. Along the way, it has earned two separate U.S. patents and an impressive list of certifications.

     A lock should be tough. The Magnalock comes in a stainless steel case and all ferrous metal surfaces are plated to military specifications. A 10 ft. integral cable makes wiring easy and the Magnalock is at home indoors and out. Mounting is via hardened machine screws into self-collapsing blind nuts (four screws with Model 62). Mounting screw holes are closed off with tamper caps. Sheet metal screws-which can work free-are not used at all. Even the strike sex bolt has a massive 1-1/4" diameter head. While the standard mounting hardware resists "casual" vandalism and is considerably stronger than the holding force of the Magnalock, Securitron can supply tamper proof hardware as an option for high vandalism areas. Securitron tamper proof fasteners require special tools for installation and removal. We can supply these tools for hand or battery operation.

     First, Magnalocks are remarkably efficient in power use. The 62 series operates on only 3 watts.(250 mA at 12VDC or 125 mA at 24VDC.) This benefit is especially important when large numbers of Magnalocks are operated from a central power supply connected to the fire alarm system. Magnalock efficiency generates large cost savings in wire gauge, power supply and battery backup costs. Second, internal electronics eliminate problems often found in other designs. We reverse out residual magnetism and accelerate field collapse so that inductive kickback and EMI are suppressed so there's no arcing over control switches or interference with nearby electronic devices. Ferrous metal aging which could lead to stickiness over time is blocked. A U.S. patent has been granted on the Magnalock's internal electronics.

     Electromechanical strikes and locks have been around longer, but magnetic locks are increasingly dominating the industry. Why? We see four answers: Reliability, Security, Safety and Simplicity of installation.
     Reliability. Anything mechanical wears out. The Magnalock has no moving parts and therefore possesses an unlimited operating life. Not many products perform for decades with no attention, but you can get this performance when you select the Magnalock. In addition, the Magnalock is unmatched in functional reliability. It releases every time when switched off, as there is nothing to jam. Because of its self-aligning strike, it secures every time the door closes. Problems of stiff latches and misaligned bolts simply don't exist.
     Security. Electromechanical strikes and locks are positioned between the door and frame. They can be successfully attacked with a saw, or by spreading the door from the frame with a lever. The Magnalock mounts on the other side of the door from an intruder. The intruder must defeat the door itself to get at the lock.
     Safety. Magnalocks are often employed to secure doors that are also emergency exit paths. In the event of a fire, it is vital for life safety that the doors immediately release to permit evacuation. This is done by routing the lock DC power through auxiliary contacts operated by the building fire alarm system. When the fire alarm activates, power is removed from all the locks. As there is nothing to jam, the Magnalocks release every time.
     Installation Simplicity. The Magnalock surface mounts using only a drill and allen wrench. There is no routing, mortising or carpentry work needed. It also effortlessly handles all the unusual situations where electromechanical locks and strikes don't work. Narrow stile doors, double doors, roll-up doors, solid glass doors, badly fitted doors, swinging or sliding gates of all types. Bring them on!

"Smart dual voltage". All Magnalock models automatically determine and adapt to 12 or 24 volt power by drawing the correct amount of current. There is no possibility of mis-wiring.

     The "F" option
- The "F" option provides for face mounting on the header above the door. Mounting holes are drilled through the magnet face and the wire exit is to the rear. The Z-62 bracket is normally used with "F" Magnalocks.

     The "G" option
- The "G" option adds a 1/2" female-3/4" male universal conduit fitting to allow conduit wiring for outdoors installations. The "G" version is also useful for surface wired installations on concrete filled door frames. This avoids the cost of drilling a wire way in the concrete.

The EASB is specifically designed for high security applications on stiff doors (such as prison doors) where the door opens outwards into the protected area. This permits an impact attack (as opposed to pulling the door). When the door is quite rigid, the force of the impact transmits well to the lock. The EASB replaces the standard sex bolt and includes a powerful internal spring which absorbs and dissipates the force of the blow, replicating Magnalock performance on a more flexible door and preserving optimum security. (See image at right)EASB-62 - Energy Absorbing Sex Bolt

Model 62 (Dual Voltage)
Add "F" for face mount version (inswinging door)
Add "G" for conduit fitting
Add EASB-62 for Energy Absorbing Sex Bolt (doors opening into protected area)


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