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Free Exit:
"Free Exit" is a popular setup for automated gates for residential and commercial applications.  This eliminates the need for exit push-buttons and keypads.   Gates will automatically open for exit for visitors without other means of exiting.

System Consists of: System Sequence
1 - Operator (single or dual application)
1 - Time Delay (included with the purchase of an Linear/OSCOŽ gate operator)
2 - Loops
2 - Vehicle Detectors
1 - Entrance Device, i.e. keypad, card reader
1 - Three button Switch (included with the purchase of an Linear/OSCOŽ gate operator)

*Note: Other entrance devices may be used, i.e. radio controls, telephone intercoms, etc..

From inside the fence line, the vehicle approaches the exit and passes over the inner loop.  This transmits an impulse to actuate the operator and open the gate.  As the vehicle passes over the inner and outer loops, the timer (after a preset period) sends an impulse to the gate operator to close the gate.

If the gate is closing as a vehicle reaches the loop area, the gate reverses to the open position and the timer automatically resets.

*Hoover Fence Co. Recommends Safety Devices On All Automated Gates.