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Use two Gate-Stops for gates over 4' high.


Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty - Warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser for as long as they own the product.

Will not rust or stain your gate/fence post.
The quiet-closing GATE-STOP is the ideal gate alignment device for preventing hinge, latch and gate damage, and for prolonging gate life. The simple, convenient device is molded from high-strength (glass-fiber reinforced) polymer materials and is guaranteed against rust, distortion and staining. An integrated rubber buffer protects against "gate slam" and helps reduce noise significantly. The benefits of this are increased hinge and gate life and a less-frequent need for gate adjustment or re-alignment. For gates higher than 4 feet, two GATE-STOPS may be required to guard against severe "concussion" or twisting damage.
Features - Benefits
  • Molded, reinforced polymer construction - NO rust or staining! Tough, durable.
  • Stylish, modern design - Subtle, integrated appearance.
  • Rubber buffer insert - Soft, quiet closure. Prevents damage.
  • Quality Assurance ISO 9001 Manufacturer - Lifetime Warranty
  • Product Dimensions

 Cushions to prevent slamming that shortens lifespan of gate, hinges and latches.

Gate-Stop - For Vinyl, Wood or Metal Gates

Gate-Stop for Vinyl Gates - Black

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Gate-Stop for Vinyl Gates - White

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Gate-Stop for Vinyl & Wood Gates - Black

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Gate-Stop for Metal Gates - Black

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