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FAQ for the Ornamental Gate Locks

Are the locks rust-proof?
Yes. Because only non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel are used, these locks are highly rust resistant to last just as long as your treated gate.

Are the locks safe from break-ins?
Yes. To ensure that your gate is efficient, a burglar resistant lock is essential. These locks do just that: A strong solid, sealed locking unit secured with tamper resistant bolts, that are inaccessible when the gate is locked.

Are they compatible with both round or square gate frames?
The same locks are used for both round or square gate frames. An adapter plate is used to convert the lock to work with round frames. When ordering locks for chain link, the adapter plate is included.

Are they easy to install?
Simple installation to secure the gate lock. Drill or punch 4 holes in the gate frame upright, attach lock with the 2 supplied stainless steel tamper resistant bolts and the lock is ready for use. Keeper requires two holes drilled into the gate post, attaches with supplied bolts. See installation instructions on left menu.

Is there any welding involved?
No. Absolutely not. The lock installation requires only a drill with 3/8", 5/8", and 7/8" bits, a 6mm allen wrench to mount the lock and a screwdriver. The keeper requires a 5mm allen wrench.

How long will it take me to install this lock?
Depending on your skill level, 2 to 4 hours. Our installer installed the lock his first time, on a Jerith walk gate in 45 minutes.

Do all the locks have the same cylinder?
No. The F-Series Ornamental lock is a narrow lock and has a short cylinder that is 1-7/8" (46mm) long. The other locks, the H-Series Ornamental, U-Series Industrial, Mechanical Code, Electric, and Sliding Gate Lock all have the longer cylinder that is 2-1/8" (54mm) long.

Are they keyed alike or different?
Both. The locks come keyed alike in cases, with multiple key codes. Unique key codes are also available. Normally, locks on a single order with be keyed alike. It's always a good idea to specify what you want when you order.

Can I put another cylinder in the lock to match my existing locks?
In some cases Yes. The cylinders are "Lori" and can be pulled out and retrofitted with another cylinder to match your existing locks.

Can I get it in Bronze?
No. We only carry the ornamental locks in 2 finishes; black and aluminum for square frames. The chain link lock comes in aluminum finish only. Some of our customers order the unfinished aluminum and have the lock spray-painted or powdercoated to match a special project. Please state "unfinished aluminum" when ordering if you wish to paint the lock. All styles may not be available in the unfinished aluminum finish. The locks come apart easily, so you won't have to worry about masking the cylinder or handles.

Can I buy replacement keys if I lose mine?
If you purchased your locks keyed different with unique key codes, we can often match and replace your keys. You need to know the key code stamped on the keys that came with the lock. We sell standard key blanks. They can be cut at a hardware store to match your existing keys if you require extras.

Are replacement parts available should I need them?
Yes.  See our accessories link on left menu.

Is an alternative mounting system available that doesn't require drilling large holes in the gate upright for the lock bolts?
Yes.  An offset surface mount kit is available that only requires drilling for small screws.

Is it possible to use these locks if the space between my gate and gate post is less than the required 1" to 1-1/2"?
Yes.  Cover plates (strike plates) can be used instead of the keeper boxes for situations where the space is tighter than 1".

What is the required space between the gate frame and first picket where the lock fits?
Two sizes of locks are available for square framed ornamental gates. One measures 3-1/2" wide, requires a space of 3-3/4". A slimmer version is available that is 3-1/4" wide, requires a space of 3-1/2". These locks will not fit in a gate that has spacing smaller than 3-1/2". Use the Offset Installation Kit to fit in a gate that has spacing smaller than 3-1/2".

What should I do if the space between my gate and gate post is MORE than the required 1" to 1-1/2"?
Spacers are available in 1/4" width and 3/4" width to match the standard and security keepers that will fill this gap.

Can I retrofit the chain link lock on to an existing gate that is already installed with a fork latch?
Yes, the latch gap for the fork latch is typically 2". The Locinox lock needs a gap of 1-1/4". Order the 3/4" spacer for the security keeper to fill this gap.