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Oz-Post Support System 


Step 1 - Mark the location

   Step 1
    Mark location where the post is to be
    located. Be sure to call utilities in the
    area where Oz-Posts are going to be
    installed. Slide the Oz-Post onto the
    Oz-Hammer and position the tip of the
    Oz-Post at the center of the post
    location. Strap a two way level on the
    outside of the Oz-Post.

Step 2 - Lift and level

   Step 2
    In one swift motion, lift the jackhammer
    and Oz-Post into the upright position.
    Once the Oz-Post is in the correct
    location, move the entire assembly to
    find level in BOTH directions.
Step 3 - Drive with short bursts of the jackhammer checking level    Step 3
    Using "short bursts" drive the Oz-Post
    into the ground 1" to 2" at a time
    checking level at each interval. Once
    the Oz-Post has been driven into the
    ground more than 15" corrections to
    level can no longer be made. 
Step 4 - Drive and secure    Step 4
    Finish the driving process when the
    base of the housing is at ground level
    OR if so desired, the housing may be
    completely submerged. Insert the post
    into the sleeve of the Oz-Post and
    secure it with the appropriate