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Oz-Post Support System 

Oz-Post™ is a four finned, harpoon-like spear manufactured from 2mm and 3mm hot dipped galvanized, high grade steel which is simply driven into the ground with a jackhammer. The Oz-Post™ is a post anchor for use when erecting all types of fences, sign posts, or decks.

Application & Uses:
The Oz-Post™ is suitable for steel, wood, and plastic posts. Many round, square, and rectangular cross sections can be accommodated. Projects like: Permanent Fencing, Temporary Fencing, Mail Boxes, Clothes Lines, Tree/Shrub supports, Playground Equipment, Wood Fences, Chain Link Fences, Street Sign Posts, Open Pergolas, Signs, Decks, and more. Oz-Post™ may be used in any situation where there is no potential for wind up-lift loading from a roof structure, or where the subsoil is stable in nature.

Features & Benefits:
Oz-Post™ represents both a change and advance in the concept of ground supports of a magnitude not seen for many years. Oz-Post™ are fully retrievable and reusable allowing structures to be moved with no capital waste. As a result the Oz-Post™  can be used as both a permanent or temporary post installation system. Both on insertion and removal there is little or no environmental impact and wood posts are protected from rot caused by soil and moisture.

An Oz-Post™  can quickly be installed in by only one person. The dramatic time savings compared to traditional methods will provide for a cost reduction and significant improvements in labor efficiency.

When using Oz-Post™ the posts can be up to 36" shorter than what would be used with traditional post securing methods. No concrete is required; the large surface area of fins gives maximum contact with the surrounding soil resulting in excellent grip and stability. The Oz-Post™ is suitable for most common post cross sections including round, square, and rectangle. The post housing is manufactured to allow water run-off to help prevent wood from rotting.

Environmental Impact:
Oz-Post™ are removable and reusable and upon extraction only leave a tiny cross shaped hole which quickly disappears as the soil closes in naturally. Compare this to the huge boulder sized hole left when extracting a post that has been installed using concrete. Since there is no need to bury the post, they may be of shorter length thereby saving valuable resources. The life of an Oz-Post™ far exceeds that of timber in a subterranean application, again representing saving of valuable resources. Oz-Post™ can also be recycled.

There are various local authority planning and building regulations that relate to installation of fencing, decks, and sign posts. Compliance with such regulations is required and if necessary assistance should be sought from qualified trades person to help with design and construction of the project. Post positioning when fences are aligned to boundaries should be ascertained prior to installing Oz-Post™. While the Oz-Post™ is removable it will save time and energy if the Oz-Post™ is positioned correctly. Local cities have various regulations regarding the placement of signs on public and private property. Be sure to check with these regulations before installing your sign posts.

As with any underground work that you do, you must call all utility companies to mark where the underground utilities are before you drive the Oz-Post™ into the ground. Costly repairs, serious injury, or death could occur if the Oz-Post™ is driven into any kind of utility.

Certification & Testing:
Oz-Post™ has been used by many government departments since 1993 and has under-gone crash and strength testing. These tests and approvals have been carried out independently by Government departments and the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Queensland, which is a NATA accredited testing facility. Complete testing results are available upon request. With over 2 million already in use you can be assured that Oz-Post™ has performed well in all kinds of terrain and different applications.

Oz-Post™ warranty extends to 25 years from the date of original purchase and is non-transferable. The warranty is valid where the soil has normal pH of between 4 & 6. The warranty is limited to the cost of replacement of the Oz-Post™. Cost of installation or costs associated with materials used in conjunction with the Oz-Post™ are not the responsibility of Oz-Post™. For the warranty to be valid the correct installation procedures need to be adhered to. Change in soil conditions due to change in environment (natural or manufactured) that adversely effect the performance of Oz-Post™ are not the responsibility of Oz-Post™ and as a result under these conditions the warranty will be void.

Use safety boots, work gloves, and safety goggles when installing Oz-Posts™ and removing posts using the Oz-Puller™.