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Oz-Post Support System 

What is an Oz-Post?
The Oz-Post™ Support System is a modern building product that improves, simplifies, and speeds up the process of securing a post to the ground. The Oz-Post™ is a heavy gauge galvanized steel spike that is driven into the ground with a jackhammer. Oz-Posts™ patented designs are intended to REPLACE the use of concrete to secure your posts.

Instant Post Holes!
Digging and concreting post holes are both time consuming and messy. There is a better way. It's called Oz-Post™! With Oz-Post™ you can stop wasting time digging holes and mixing concrete. Just drive Oz-Post™ into the ground with a jackhammer and attach your posts. Oz-Post™ is fast, clean, and built to last.

How Do They Work?
The Oz-Post™ becomes an extension of the jackhammer and uses it's destructive vibrations to penetrate the ground beneath it. After the Oz-Post™ has been installed, it's large fins "grab" the surrounding terrain, therefore, stabilizing the post. With an installation time of 1 minute, Oz-Post™ has taken the labor and guesswork out of installing posts!

Why use Oz-Post?

  • No digging or concreting required
  • One person installation in minutes
  • Easily driven into clay, roots, asphalt, and soil
  • Tested to be stronger than concrete
  • Over 2,000,000 units in use
  • Removable and reusable
  • Wooden Posts won't rot
  • Posts don't have to be as long
  • Less expensive
  • Clean - no need to remove soil
  • 25 year warranty
  • Start building immediately - no waiting for concrete to set

When you use the Oz-Post™ System there is no dirt to haul away or concrete to mix. Landscaping, trees and grass can be adversely affected by the equipment and additional foot traffic required to install a post with traditional methods. The dirt, dust, and mess created by digging holes and mixing concrete are completely eliminated with the Oz-Post™ System. You won't have to wait weeks for grass and landscaping to recover from your construction project if you use the Oz-Post™ System.

Oz-Posts™ are made with the finest materials and protected with a durable galvanized finish. If post replacement becomes necessary, the Oz-Post™ can easily be reused in it's current location or be recycled and installed somewhere else. Removing a post supported with the Oz-Post™ System is also quick and easy. Just release the attachment hardware and pull the post out. Removal of the Oz-Post™ leaves a small "X" in the ground which will disappear after the first rainfall. The extracted Oz-Post™ can be re-used repeatedly in many locations.

Oz-Posts™ can be driven into all kinds of soil conditions like rock, stone, asphalt, concrete, clay, compacted sand, and frozen ground. Once installed to a typical depth of 34", the thick metal fins and heavy duty sleeve provide the same strength as a post installed in a 6"-8" post hole with concrete.

Oz-Posts are used everywhere!
Fencing, signs, decks, utility markers, road signs, construction fences, arbors, retaining walls, flag poles, sheds, post repair, clothes lines, mail boxes, bird houses, playgrounds, and much more.