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Wiring Recommendations

Three lines are needed to install the system. The wire is not included in the kits. We have provided the recommendations for you below. The wire is also available from Hoover Fence. Click here to see where to order the wire.

Master Station (LEM-1DL) to Door Station (LE-D or LE-DA) - 2 strand

AWG 24 AWG 22 AWG 20 AWG
DISTANCE 400' 650' 1000'
DIAMETER 0.5 mm 0.65 mm 0.8 mm
DISTANCE 120 m 200 m 300 m

Master Station to Door/Gate opener

16 Ga. twisted strand two lead - up to 1000' away (we sell this - click here)

From Master Station to the included Transformer (PT-1210N)

Low Voltage - 16 Ga.