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Stealth cantilever gate roller assemblies are proudly manufactured in the USA from high-tech polymers.  Use these sliding gate rollers for all types of cantilever gates.  These rollers are a great accessory for larger rolling gates and automated sliding gates.

Stealth Cantilever Gate Roller Assemblies
( note from manufacturer )

All of the DAC Industries, Inc. "Stealth" cantilever rollers are made with a hot rolled steel chassis. The chassis is formed, welded, and then hot dip galvenized after fabrication to prevent rust. We chose to make the chassis out of pressed steel rather than a casting to allow you to weld it to the post if you desire. The support gussets are strategically placed to allow easier access to the nuts for faster and easier installation and removal.

Our UHMW rollers are manufactured from virgin resins with no recycled materials to compromise the strength of the finished product. They also have UV (ultra-violet) inhibitors to protect against deterioration of the plastic by sunlight. Compression molding under 50,000 p.s.i. of pressure forces a bonding of the materials and strengthens the rollers to allow them to hold up under the constant stress caused by cantilever gates.

Our premium graphite impregnated nylon rollers (#5800 and #5668) are cast and then machined to their final shape eliminating any rough surfaces which cause friction. The graphite impregnated roller is made from a harder material than the UHMW roller and can handle larger gates. Also, the 6-5/8" roller (#5658) has double bearings to handle extremely large gates.

All our rollers use permanently lubricated sealed bearings. The bearings are not molded into the rollers, but are press fit. If a bearing should ever need replacing it can be easily removed and a new bearing installed. This maintenance feature addresses the most common cause of roller failure.

A nylon embedded steel lock nut holds the roller onto the chassis. This gives a more secure mounting than cotter pins or snap rings.

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