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Vinyl Coated
Chain Link Fabric

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fabric Specifications

Vinyl coated chain link fabric is typically sold in 50' rolls. We will cut rolls to exact size for local deliveries and pick-ups only. Deliveries made out of state will receive full rolls. We recommend ordering a few extra feet than needed. When more than 50' of fence is needed for a stretch, rolls can be woven together easily. Chain link is easily cut to size by removing one link. Hoover Fence Company carries two types of vinyl coated chain link fabric. One has 2" mesh, the other has a tight 1-1/4" mesh. The 1-1/4" mesh fabric is specified frequently for pool safety reasons and to help prevent climbing of the fence.

2" Mesh Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fabric: This fabric is available in heights of 36", 42", 48", 60", 72", 84", 96", 120", and 144". It comes in green, black, brown, and white.

1-1/4" Mesh Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fabric: This fabric is black in a 48" height only.

About gauges: The smaller the number, the heavier the fabric; henceforth 9ga. is heavier than 11ga..  We recommend 11ga. for residential jobs and 9ga. for commercial jobs. Heavier gauges are not only stronger, but have a better finish; The heavier the gauge the longer it may be 'hot-dip galvanized' to prevent rust and corrosion. Vinyl coated chain link is sold by the finish gauge.  9 ga. chain link vinyl coated actually has a thinner inner steel wire. It is considered 9 gauge once it has been coated, although the inner steel wire is nearest 11 ga.

What is extruded vinyl? In layman's terms, extruded vinyl. when cut with a knife, can be peeled off like a banana. However, it does not peel easily. That is what makes extruded different then bonded vinyl, which would have to be cut off completely, much like peeling a potato. Bonded costs more than extruded. We do not sell bonded vinyl fabrics.

About knuckles and barbs: Fence fabric is available two ways. Chain link fabric under 72" high is available with knuckles on both ends. Chain link fabric 72" and taller comes with knuckles on one end and barbs on the other end. (two barbs are formed when the chain link is twisted at one end, see illustration).

About mesh size: The galvanized fabric mesh for 11-1/2 gauge measures 2-1/4".  The 11 and 9 gauge galvanized mesh meaures 2". Mesh size is the measured distance between two parallel sides (see illustration)


Choose from the following for prices and ordering:

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fabric with 2" Mesh - 9 gauge

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fabric with 2'' Mesh - 8 gauge

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fabric with 1-1/4'' Mesh - 9 gauge

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Online Estimators

Chain link fence mesh size is measured diagonally, or by measuring between two wires which are parallel - Hoover Fence Co.
Mini 1-1/4" Mesh

Click to Enlarge! 1-1/4'' chain link mesh shown top in black. Standard 2" mesh is shown in bottom in brown.
1-1/4" Mesh / 2" Mesh