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Chain Link Fence
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the differences between the various grades of chain link fence and what would you recommend for a baseball field fence? memo1.htm
  2. What gauge chain link fence do you recommend for dog kennels? memo2.htm
  3. Can I paint a chain link fence? memo3.htm
  4. Is cementing chain link posts necessary or are there alternatives? memo4.htm
  5. How do I construct a fence going over obstacles? memo5.htm
  6. What is the proper way to stretch a mason line when installing fence? memo6.htm
  7. What can you tell me about vinyl coated chain link fence? memo7.htm
  8. Do you sell baseball backstops? memo8.htm
  9. Do you have hardware available for closing a chain link gate? memo9.htm
  10. How do you make a chain link gate self-closing? memo10.htm
  11. How do you make a chain link gate self-latching? memo10.htm
  12. How do you make a chain link gate self-locking? memo10.htm
  13. How much does it cost to install chain link fencing? memo11.htm
  14. How do you further secure the bottom of a chain link fence? memo12.htm
  15. What do I do with fence posts holes that have filled up with water? memo13.htm

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