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How do you make a chain link gate self-closing?

Applicable Products:
Chain link gates

We offer a few fence and gate products to accomplish converting your existing chain links to self-closing.

You could first consider replacing the exisiting male and female hinges with self-closing hinges which compliment your current chain link fence. We have numerous products which will solve your dilemma:

Consider these Fence Products for Replacing your Exisiting Chain Link Gate Hinges with New Self-Closing Gate Hinges:

D&D Technologies Tru-Close Hinges:

D&D Technologies Adjustable Tru-Close Hinges:

Heavy Duty Aluminum Self-Closing Gate Hinges:

Self-Closing Gravity Gate Hinges (Two-Way):

Self-Closing Gravity Gate Hinges (One-Way):

Consider these Fence Products for Adding a Closing Mechanism to your Exisiting Chain Link Gate and using Existing Gate Hardware:

Spring-Loaded Mechanism:

Kant-Slam Gate Closer (Hydraulic Gate Closer):

Locinox Samson 2 (Hydraulic Gate Closer):

In order to make your gates truly "self-locking", you will need new hardware as there is no way to make a drop rod or standard chain link fork latch self-locking. Although there are many fence products available to make your gates lockable (either with a built in key cylinder or with padlock), few enable your gates to be truly self-locking.

A fence product available to make your gate truly self-locking is the following:
Locinox Mechanical Code Gate Lock:

You may also consider adding an electric gate lock or magnetic gate lock which will enable your gates to be truly self-locking such as those found here:

GTO Bulldog FM145 Gate Lock:
Securitron Model 62 Gate Lock:

Most above fence and gate products adapt well to use on a variety of single pedestrian gates, i.e. chain link gates, ornamental gates, and more. Typically, when you wish to use these pieces of hardware on a double gate, one leaf of the double gate would be pinned to the ground on the latch side with a drop rod. This gate leaf is typically stationary and the other gate would self-close, self-latch, and sometimes self-lock to it.

The only way to install or remodel an exisiting double gate to be truly self-closing and self-locking is to automate the double gate. You may install nearly any of our gate operators with an electric or magnetic lock designed for single, double, swinging, or sliding gates to create a truly self-closing, latching, and locking gate.

View our assortment of gate operators and accessories here:

Chain Link Fence Parts Catalog: http://www.hooverfence.com/catindex.htm