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How much does it cost to have chain link fence installed?

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Chain Link Fence and Other Types Fencing

Thank you for writing HooverFence.com. Fence installation and labor costs for installing fence can vary significantly due to the following variables for a fencing contractor:

For these reasons and others, we have found it difficult to estimate fence installation labor prices across the country. Costs of living and average rates also differ significantly across the country. Many other trades such as carpentry, roofing, and the electrical or plumbing trades could arguably have more defined fixed costs. Often, their work is confined to a fixed building with all work exposed for estimating. They can usually pull their work vehicles right up to a building and perform their tasks fairly predictably.

Fencers, on the other hand, often have to guess at what's below the ground surface and numerous other variables to define the time involved with installing a fence. Inclimate weather, buried utility lines, and buried hard surfaces can sometimes make a job which looked profitable, barely doable.

We recommend working only with qualified and experienced contractors. Check references and reports with the Better Business Bureau. Also, be sure they are insured properly for liability and worker's compensation. Experienced contractors can usually provide a fair, reasonable, and accurate estimate upon review of the fence project location. Be aware that cheap fences and cheap fence installations can cost you more in the long run with repairs and replacement costs. A fence should be something to be installed with longevity in mind. They are not always easy to install and they are even more difficult to tear down and reinstall, if the wrong materials and techniques are used to install it.

Fortunately, HooverFence.com can provide free and accurate 'to-the-nut-and-bolt' estimates for chain link fence, ornamental aluminum fence, ornamental steel fence, wood fence, vinyl fence, and vinyl and aluminum railing projects. This provides you with one finite and fixed cost to work with. You may simply call a fence professional with measurements, send us an email, or fax us the description and fence layout. Once we have a material cost we can usually provide a range of costs you could expect if you choose to hire someone to install our products. We also can estimate the 'normal and ideal' amount of time required to install our fence products.

Lastly, we do offer free installation manuals for nearly every style and type of fence, or fence product we offer. You may review these before purchasing fence from us and call or email us if you have questions. We are available before, during, and after your installation for technical support, installation tips and tricks.