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I dug fence posts holes for my new chain link fence I bought from you and minutes after I dug each hole, I noticed ground seepage and each hole has completely filled with water! What do I do now?

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First - make sure your fence line isn't right on top of a water line, sewer line, or septic line! Remember to always call before you dig before installing a fence and understand some private lines will not be marked by the utility companies!

It is not unusual for fence post holes to fill up with water - even when you haven't dug into a water line! Ground water can rapidly fill fence post holes simply by seeping into the freshly excavated hole. The problem with excess water is that it can have an adverse effect on your concrete mix. Too much water can dilute your concrete mix, consisting of sand, gravel, and cement. This excess water will 'wash out' your concrete mix, leaving your fence post set in merely sand and gravel. When excess water fills into a freshly dug hole, there is little you can do about it. Often fence post holes are dug with an auger. Loose dirt should always be removed from the bottom of the hole manually with a good set of post hole diggers. After, you'll still be left with a hole full of water. For years, we've struggled with removing this water. Hauling a trash pump around to every job is not practical so we've improvised all sorts of ways of removing water from fence post holes prior to filling with cement. We've used everything from coffee cans and punched two holes in it to dangle it down into a hole with wire to coffee cups. During cold weather, often when you have this water problem, it's a shivering affair to stick your bare hand into icy water! This just might be the best thing for the weekend warrior who doesn't want to invest in tools they will only use once. For fence contractors and excavators though familiar with this problem and tired of getting down on their hands and knees and getting soaked, we've created a tool called a water bailer. We very well may have invented it as a first!  Made in two sizes, these long-handled bailer will make much lighter and warmer work of removing water from fence post holes. Further, we make these with heavy duty galvanized steel parts, welded for strength. These will really take a beating and perform like a champ. Throw them in your truck and don't worry about piling up chain link rolls and posts on top. These water bailers can take some abuse. Check out our fence post hole water bailers.


Fence Post Hole Water Bailer