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Can I paint a chain link fence?

Applicable Products:
Chain link fence.

As you might guess, we are in favor of replacing older chain link fences which have lost their 'luster', however I have seen many chain link fences which have been painted.   I would guess that it is best to paint them with a sprayer or rollers, though we have no experience with painting fences, only replacing them.  As far as the type of paint, we recommend checking with a paint dealer/ specialist for options.  Paint and applying paint is not our specialty.  There are a few things about galvanized finishes for chain link fences that I will point out though.  Many of our customers have inquired about painting them since vinyl posts, framework, and fittings can double project costs. Colored vinyl fabric on galvanized framework is not much more expensive than an all galvanized job, however once one wants the framework coated as well, it often doubles the cost.  New galvanized materials should not be painted immediately.   Depending on the specific type of material used, much of it has a slight shine or gloss to it.  Technically, the shine needs removed before painting in order for paint to adhere properly.  This can be done in a few different ways.  You may apply an acidic solution to it and a light sanding to prep the material to accept paint or let it naturally weather a few years.  We apply a chemical solution to an occasional custom galvanized tubular frame which is then sent to a powder coat facility for custom gates.