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What can you tell me about vinyl coated chain link fence?

Applicable Products:
Chain link fence.

Hoover Fence Company sells extruded vinyl coated chain link fabric.  What is extruded vinyl? In layman's terms, extruded vinyl, when cut with a knife, can be peeled off like a banana. However, it does not peel easily. That is what makes extruded different then bonded vinyl, which would have to be cut off completely, much like peeling a potato. Bonded costs more than extruded. We do not sell bonded vinyl fabrics.  Note about gauges: The smaller the number, the heavier the fabric; henceforth 9ga. is heavier than 11ga..  We recommend 11ga. for residential jobs and 9ga. for commercial jobs. Vinyl coated chain link is sold by the finish gauge.  9 ga. chain link vinyl coated actually has a thinner inner steel wire.   It is considered 9 gauge once it has been coated, although the inner steel wire is nearest 11 ga. Vinyl chain link fabric is available in black, green, brown and white.

Please note you may use our residential calculator for figuring quotes for chain link jobs using vinyl fabric.  It is found here: http://www.hooverfence.com/forms/clest.htm .  This calculator will figure prices for a galvanized framework only, however you may choose vinyl coated fabric. The quote will be for vinyl coated chain link fabric and galvanized frame.  If you would like everything vinyl coated or powder coated, i.e. framework, fittings, and gates, simply double your total price quoted.  You will need to order by telephone for an all vinyl system.  You may paint the framework, however paint usually does not adhere well on the new galvanized materials. Technically one should apply a chemical to all the galvanized parts first to 'rough' it up a bit and remove the shine.  Paint will then adhere better.  This can be a laborious task and is not very popular.  Usually ordering an all vinyl system or a powder coated system is more practical.