Click for Index Input for the Chain Link Calculator™

Here is an example of the main input screen for the Chain Link Calculator™. As you can see it asks for simple information; footage in each stretch, number of terminals, walk gates, double drive gates and special odd size hookups. Advanced versions may have more fields for entry, such as gate posts.

Quantity Input Dialog Window

You can choose the default gate widths or change them to your choice. Cantilever gates are entered in a separate dialog box. Odd size hookups are used for hookups to existing posts that vary in diameter from normal hookups. Also the odd size hookups fields provide a place to request hookups to oversized gate posts and cantilever counter-balance posts.

Once you "click" OK, the main window displays a complete list of material, unit prices, and total retail price faster than you can say "Please make your check out for....". You can easily switch to cost figures. No other program is ready to calculate your next estimate the moment you purchase it. Just "click" the main menu item "Quantities" and this window is displayed. Enter the appropriate figures. "click" OK and you are done. Default prices are built in and you can change them instantly by right-clicking your mouse while pointing at the item listed. Your own price database is built as you work.

You can switch to different heights, gauges, coatings, part specifications, pipe wall thickness, post spacing, post depths and options, such as bottom rail, middle rail, top rail, top tension wire, brace and trusses, bottom tension wire and others.

It is the fastest, easiest program to use. Most others, of which there are not many to choose, require hours of configuration before you can figure your first estimate and cost a lot more money than the Chain Link Calculator™.

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