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Solar Panels for GTO Operators

Solar panels will charge the battery for any of the GTO gate operators. Since the battery can be recharged with the low voltage wire (not included) and the transformer (included), solar panels are optional. The low voltage wire can be installed up to 1000 feet away from an outlet. Solar panels are the next best choice in remote areas.

The size and quantity of solar panels needed depends on many factors. Some of these are how often the gate is used, how heavy and wide the gate is, how far south geographically the gate is installed and how many power-draining accessories are plugged into the battery and control board. For example, an exit wand drains a lot of current, whereas a wireless keypad drains none. If you are located in unsunny Ohio, solar power does not work well.

We carry a 5 watt and 10 watt solar panel, both are available here. The 5 watt panels available on this page do not have any mounting brackets, but are otherwise brand new in the box.

GTO Solar Panels 5 Watt Solar Panel w/o Mounting Hardware

8 1/4" H. x 19 1/2" W.

Compatible with all GTO gate operators.

Includes all parts, except mounting hardware

Installation Manual

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