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SureClose ReadyFit External Adjustable Gate Closer & Hinge  External Mount - Precision Engineered & Superbly Finished
  (also available as a Internal Mount model here)

SureClose ReadyFit Adjustable Gate Closer & Hinge

SureClose ReadyFit Installation

The SureClose ReadyFit Hinges are compact, heavy-duty, hydraulic, hinge-closers designed for commercial, industrial and estate gates. The external mounting brackets allow quick and easy alignment and installation. No need for drilling large holes! Designed for commercial, industrial, custom residential and estate gates, SureClose ReadyFit hinges come in two basic models, with choice or aluminum or steel mounting brackets. All self-closing models feature a final snap action for overcoming electric or coded locks found in many security applications. Also available is a non-self-closing version (for access control and most heavy commercial or residential gates). Hinges can be used in different combinations for a variety of applications. All hinges are sold individually.

SureClose ReadyFit Features:

  • Fits all square posts, steel or aluminum gates
  • Easy to install with quick alignment legs - no special tools or holes in the post
  • Gap variance of 1/2" to 1-3/8" (12-35mm)
  • Safety gate models available (pools)
  • Improved snap action (108 models)
  • Dual bearing glide system withstands heavy loads
  • Stylishly designed and corrosion resistant, SureClose ReadyFit hinges use high strength aluminum with stainless steel components, aluminum components have a 50 micron thick anodizing finish
  • Powerful hydraulic hinges have a visibly small footprint
  • Works on left or right handed, inswinging or outswinging gate designs
  • Mounting brackets included, choice of models with bolt-on aluminum or weld-on steel brackets
  • Testing to 500,000 cycles, robust and durable
  • 1500 lb. (680kg.) point-load capacity, self-closing gates up to 260 lbs. (120 kg.) See chart below.
  • Installation Instructions | 2-Year Limited Warranty | Brochure | Pictures
SureClose ReadyFit Self-Closing Hinge
Adjustable Self-Closing Speed and
Final Snap-Close Action Hinge (108)
SureClose ReadyFit Non-Self-Closing Hinge
Non Self-Closing
Load Bearing Hinge (SM)
Hinge Combinations Self-Closing Gate Weight Max*
108 + SM 180 lbs (80 kgs)
108 + 108 260 lbs (120kgs)
Access Control Weight Capacity
SM + SM 1,500 lbs (680 kgs)
*Caution: Based on max gate size of 72"H x 40"W (1800x1000mm). For gates with greater HxW, or if conditions such as wind play a role, use hinge combinations with higher self-closing weight ratings.
Code* Type Description Self-
Size Min.
Price View Cart
74001313 RF SM S ReadyFit Hinge
Aluminum Brackets
- 180 - - 1/2"-1-3/8" 2"+ 2.10 $ Add to Cart
74001315 RF SM W ReadyFit Hinge
Steel Brackets
- 180 - - 1/2"-1-3/8" 2"+ 2.93 $ Add to Cart
74108313 RF 108 S ReadyFit Hinge/Closer
Aluminum Brackets
85 180 YES - 1/2"-1-3/8" 2"+ 2.91 $ Add to Cart
74108315 RF 108 W ReadyFit Hinge/Closer
Steel Brackets
85 180 YES - 1/2"-1-3/8" 2"+ 3.74 $ Add to Cart
74108323 RF 108SF S ReadyFit Hinge/Closer - SF
Aluminum Brackets
90 90 YES YES 1/2"-1-3/8" 2"+ 2.91 $ Add to Cart
74108325 RF 108SF W ReadyFit Hinge/Closer - SF
Steel Brackets
90 90 YES YES 1/2"-1-3/8" 2"+ 3.74 $ Add to Cart
*All ReadyFit hinges include fasteners, gate and post mounting brackets.
**Yes (SF) = Gate will not hold open at 90
(OK for safety gates). Do NOT use a hinge with a 90 hold open feature (-) for pool/child safety gates. Image
IMPORTANT: For maximum gate weights, see weight chart above.
CAUTION: A gate stop must be installed when using SF models. Gate must not be allowed to open past 90
. Doing so voids warranty.  Diagram